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Synonyms for cape

Synonyms for cape

a strip of land projecting into a body of water

a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter

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George Bush's Christmas Eve pardon of Iran-contra sleazes Capar Weinberger, Eliott Abrams, Oliver North, Clair George, and Alan Fiers was timed to bury the story beneath the inevitable reprints of "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus.
Regarding the superior cleaning obtained in the R group compared to the PT group, our results are in agreement with those of Capar et al.
In the Vallard atlas the name of the corresponding cape of Java la Grande is cap capar.
Los comentarios del descarado Comatas remiten todos a imagenes y topicos carnavalescos: entre carcajadas y brincos decide capar a uno de sus cabrones, advirtiendo que si no lo hace se vuelva Melancio, el cabrero traidor de la Odisea, que fue castigado precisamente con la mutilacion de sus genitales.
A recent study by Capar and Kotabe (2003) provides empirical evidence that the relation between international diversification and performance is not the same for service firms as it is for manufacturing firms.
La protagonista, Lin Ying, se las ingenia para es capar indemne de la situacion.
Pedro no es el "gran buco en el esplendor de su gloria, en la prepotencia del dominio" A el lo estan capando vivo, y dejarse capar es privarse de su potencialidad creadora.
1989: Grant 1987: Tallman and Li 1996; Capar and Kotabe 2003), this measure indicates how much net income is earned from each sales per revenue.
Reference Bonemeal Dolomite Crosby 1977 (11) 190 -- n = 1 -- Capar and Gould 4.
Further, we delimited our sample to manufacturing firms among eleven broadly defined industries to control for potential industry effects given that service industries face different levels of initial capital investment and exit barriers as compared to manufacturing industries (Brouthers 2002; Capar and Kotabe 2003).