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Synonyms for cape

Synonyms for cape

a strip of land projecting into a body of water

a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter

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While numerous studies have examined the performance implications of internationalization, these efforts have provided conflicting results (Capar and Kotabe 2003; Hitt et al.
Late last year, the AOAC announced the creation of the Chemical Contaminants and Residues in Food Community, chaired by Jo Marie Cook of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Stephen Capar of the FDA.
Elif Capar's first experience of Scotland was confusing too.
Yet, research focusing on the internationalization of service ventures appears less frequently, although world economies and trade increasingly consist of services and services linked with products (Capar & Kotabe, 2003; Clark & Rajaratnam, 1999; Coviello & Martin, 1999; Dunning, 1993; Lovelock & Yip, 1996; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], 1997; Westhead, Wright, Ucbasaran, & Martin, 2001).
Capar and Kotabe (2003) found differences between the performance of manufacturing and service firms when using international diversification as a growth strategy.
George Bush's Christmas Eve pardon of Iran-contra sleazes Capar Weinberger, Eliott Abrams, Oliver North, Clair George, and Alan Fiers was timed to bury the story beneath the inevitable reprints of "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus." With the help of White House spin-artists like Boyden Gray, even a high-toned perjurer like Cap Weinberger could later sound aggrieved, shamelessly accusing Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh of mounting a political witchhunt against him.
(20.) Hocaoglu N, Kalkan S, Akgun A, Capar S, Tuncok Y.
Authors who investigated samples with firms in early internationalisation stages found a Ushaped MP-relationship, with a decreasing performance effect of multinationality in the first stage due to liabilities of foreignness and an increasing performance after a successful learning process in the second stage (e.g., Lu and Beamish 2001; Capar and Kotabe 2003; Ruigrok and Wagner 2003).
Capar, "Source cell-phone identification," in Proc.
5.) has cap capar. (6) The omission of letters representing nasal sounds, m and n, is not unusual in Portuguese names in early maps so the latter name may well be read as cap campar.