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a percussion instrument consisting of a concave brass disk

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Asi Cymbal had this to say this morning about the deal, "The Beaker & Gray team have proven themselves as masters of unique food and drink.
PICTURE: JULIAN HUGHES | Ryan Simons and Jamie Cymbal of Quickfoot Films, of the Media Centre, Huddersfield, who are heading for Cannes
She says he picked up a large cymbal from a display and hit it hard just four or five feet from her ear.
The conventional bandpass filter has two cymbal shapes connected by cascaded coupling.
The carrying of the Holy Ark to Jerusalem by King David was accompanied by the playing of "harps, of tambourines and castanets and with cymbals and trumpets.
Braintree MA) received expanded approval to collect two red blood cells on the company's Cymbal Automated Blood Collection System from female donors who are at least 150 pounds and are 63 inches in height.
The songs (all titled "Fun" except the final track, "Funeral") build organically, sometimes annoyingly, from the buzz of an amplifier to the sound of knives being sharpened to a calming cymbal wash.
During the afternoon of the show all of the band's drummers were invited to the nearby Paiste cymbal factory and given a set of cymbals each.
Kenneth Cymbal, a chartered life underwriter at Met Life, said the level of creditor protection offered on life insurance policies varies by state.
In the new study, the downbeat consisted of a simultaneous bass drum and cymbal sound.
WU104-20R Wuhan China 20" with Rivets: This 20" china cymbal is a definite exclamation point at the end of a drum roll or any time you need a dramatic accent in your percussion performance.
The two side sections showed his open arms, with a cymbal in each hand.
Roy Haynes's ride cymbal is the loudest feature of the mix, and even though the rest of the band's instruments sound quite good, the cymbal sounds as if it were recorded on a different track using a different machine--a cassette recorder, perhaps?
This story features a shy fellow who, much like the "old lady who swallowed a fly," consumes a cello, harp, sax, fiddle, cymbal, flute, kazoo, and bell.
When the last chords rang out and I smacked the crash cymbal on the final downbeat, I was exhausted.