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the most abundant and stable cytochrome

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After the treatment with A combination of FA and gemcitabine, a significant increase was observed in the expressions of CASP3, CASP7, CASP8, FAS, CYCS, TNF and PPARG genes compared with the control group (p<0.05).
After these pre-tests, volleyball players practiced CycS and SS methods.
CycS and SS consisted of slow active movement (maneuver) of shoulder for internal rotation.
During CycS and SS tests the dominant arm was at the internal rotation and the dorsal side of the hand was at the back.
MOMP causes mitochondrial CYCS (cytochrome C) release into the cytoplasm to form complexes with caspase-9 and Apaf-1 and further activate executer caspases (e.g., caspase-3).
It's captaincy as Col "I w cYcs fter ul 'I just can't see where that n t e n line of thinking over Colin is Montgomerie o a o mo crea round Maria O coming from' created a the of the
Fifteen teenagers from Lockwood and Moldgreen CYCs planned to make the 3,000-mile round trip - and fully expected to have to fork out pounds 125 for the petrol!
Kendall-Cook to Stans, 17 May 1971, folder: Secretary's Info Cycs with His Notes (1971), box 62, Commerce Files, Stans Papers.
Other items were vaulting and agility by the girls of Moldgreen CYC, handball by the Central Lads' Brunswick Club, skipping by girls of the Paddock CYC, fencing by Huddersfield College Scouts and English country dancing by girls from Birkby and Woodhouse CYCs.
Gymnastics displays were given by boys from Milnsbridge CYC physical training by members of the YWCA, rugby training by boys of Birkby and Woodhouse CYCs, Scandinavian dancing by the two clubs and a basketball match between Moldgreen and Lockwood CYCs.
Dickenson created his muy caliente lighting design through the magic of this massive "cyc" and numerous moving lights.