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a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain

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director offshoots Green CPC argues that the CVA is "designed to create a situation in which the company's general body of unsecured creditors is paid in full at the expense of certain landlords and local authorities".
Through the CVA, we are providing them the platform,' said Maceda and Tanada during the 36th "Usapang Sports" by the Tabloids Organization in Philippine Sports (TOPS) at the National Press Club in Intramuros on Thursday (August 22).
Bushell has maintained that this was a part of a restructuring process, and the CVA was essential to stabilize the business.
The biggest challenge in a CVA tends to be in preparing proposals that are acceptable to unsecured creditors and, as has been well chronicled in the media, landlords tend to take the biggest hit if the CVA is to succeed.
It is unclear whether the CVA will affect the retailer's international operations.
The VCB has direct decision-making responsibility over the CVA certification criteria, including: test development and maintenance; testing, scoring, and grading procedures; eligibility and Experience Requirement; CPE reporting; CPE requirements, and recertification.
As part of the CVA proposals, Monsoon and Accessorize's owner, Peter Simon, has already provided an emergency PS12m loan - which will be repaid first if the company goes bust - and a further unsecured credit facility of PS18m at 0% interest, to enable the turnaround plan to be implemented.
Following this, joint administrators Andrew Andronikou, Brian Burke and Carl Jackson of business advisory firm Quantuma, filed CVA proposals at the High Court on May 24.
"We recognise that the best support for any pension scheme is a trading employer and we feel the CVA proposals now provide the right balance between security for the pension schemes and the chance of sustainability for the company."
"The CVA does not seek to compromise claims of any creditors other than certain landlords, local authorities and inter-company liabilities.
Will Wright, restructuring partner at KPMG and a proposed supervisor of the CVA, said: "This CVA seeks to address the cost of the company's leasehold obligations across a number of unprofitable sites, and if successful, will put the business on a surer financial footing."
The various components of metabolic syndrome are predisposing factors for development of coronary artery disease (CAD) and cerebrovascular accident (CVA).
A rising number of retail businesses facing difficulties have chosen to enter a CVA to navigate their way out of crisis.