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Synonyms for volume

Synonyms for volume

a printed and bound work


an issue of printed material offered for sale or distribution

great extent, amount, or dimension

Synonyms for volume

the property of something that is great in magnitude

a publication that is one of a set of several similar publications

Related Words

a relative amount

the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction)

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It is evident from the Figure 1 that CTV infection of citrus cultivars resulted in an increase in flavonoid content as compared to the healthy fruits (P=0.01).
On the one hand, the rise of CTV gives advertisers a much wider canvas on which to create different types of experiences for viewers than traditional linear TV.
CTV causes a significant damage to the citrus crop including the poor fruit quality, yield and stem pits regardless of the rootstock used causing the complete deterioration of the citrus cultivars (Cambra et al.
- CTV usage patterns mirror traditional linear TV with the highest use in the 8-11pm primetime block
If, for example, CTV already has the hot ABC network show on Thursday at 9 p.m.
Working alongside CTV's engineering teams and systems integrator Itochu Cable Systems, IHSE provided its Draco tera KVM switching system to enable signal distribution across every CTV workstation, and to provide CTV operators access to all designated devices.
And while Canadian representatives were excluded from this week's meeting, Sajjan's communications director Renee Filiatrault told CTV Ottawa was planning for a February meeting with coalition partners.
Todos estos elementos sugieren un pobre acceso a los servicios de CTV, en particular para las poblaciones clave, con limites importantes como la accesibilidad y el precio.
In a statement to CTV News, the Royal Canadian Air Force says it "continues to be exceptionally effective, having supported multiple missions throughout the year, including the fight against (ISIS) in Iraq, training events alongside NATO allies in Eastern Europe, as well as our ongoing commitments to NORAD."
Airing in primetime tonight on CTV and CTV Two, CLARA'S BIG RIDE is a powerful documentary chronicling 6-time Olympic medalist and Bell Let's Talk national spokesperson Clara Hughes' epic 110-day bicycle journey to help build a Canada free of the stigma of mental illness.
And in Toronto, the media heart of Canada, in equally delicate language, corporate media leader CTV suggested that Canada's prime minister might be a fan of ...
Broadcaster CTV reported that the last 100 Canadian soldiers were scheduled to leave Kabul in the next few days.
Vigano's main mission as director of the Vatican Television Center (CTV): to provide global TV and Internet feeds of what unfolds in the Vatican's inner sanctums, to which CTV has exclusive access.
Thecitrus Tristeza virus (CTV)is present inmost of the citrus area (Bove et al 1983), and is recognized as the most dangerous disease of citrus known as a "rapid decline".