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a federation of North American industrial unions that merged with the American Federation of Labor in 1955

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CTO employees from the central region raised funds for the project.
'The session will illustrate significant advantages gained by those who were innovative and creative during times the tourism market was disrupted,' CTO said.
The CTO said wardens perform their duty in a friendly environment, adding that strict action would be taken those found in misbehaving with motorists.
The authorities concerned should order CTO to remove barriers from footpath.
Meanwhile, the CTO also issued show-cause notices to seven traffic wardens and two traffic inspectors on the charge of negligence of duty.
When heart muscle supplied by a CTO-affected artery is healthy, opening the CTO also has been shown to improve left ventricular function.
The growth of the CTO role began in the 1990s, with the growth in R&D investments and in the complexity and interdisciplinarity of emerging scientific and technological advances (Bridenbaugh 1992).
The CTO urged the citizens to use alternative routes including Airport Road, Rialto Chowk, Tippu Road, Rawal Road and Murree Road ahead of Chandi Chowk to reach Islamabad.
CTO is reportedly defined as complete occlusion of a coronary vessel for at least three months.
We engaged an SPB 3.0, 8Fr (ASAHI Intecc, Nagoya, Japan) in the left coronary artery and progressed with the XT-R (ASAHI Intecc) supported by Corsair Pro (ASAHI Intecc) into the CTO stump.
Members of the CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation)greatly benefit from knowledge and experience sharing.
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation's (CTO) criticism of ignorant politicians who argue it has failed its mission was directed at House finance committee members, not Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides, board chairman Angelos Loizou said on Wednesday.
San Francisco, CA, June 10, 2016 --( The CTO of an established company will typically Strategize, plan and execute projects while advising management in recruiting right resource within the required timeframe and controlling budgets.