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a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

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'Such results will give a doctor informed opinion on whether the patient needs surgery or ICU services,' he said, adding that the fee per CT scan will be standard like other public hospitals in the country.
With dedication of Hospital Director Dr Nekdad Khan and hospital management the state of the art CT Scan is received.
This indiscriminate use of CT scans in the ED has led to an enormous amount of financial burden on the hospital resources.6 The misuse of financial resources could otherwise prove very helpful if properly channelized to improve other services provided by the emergency department.9 In our study all the CT head scans done in the emergency department during the study period were included.
He hoped new MRI and CT scan machines would be acquired in the current fiscal year.
Previous CT scan images and reports were retrieved from the departmental reporting search engine.
For a nationwide group of 168,394 Dutch children who received one or more CT scans between 1979 and 2012, researchers obtained cancer incidence and vital status by record linkage.
From a nationwide group of 168,394 Dutch children who received one or more CT scans between the year 1979 and 2012, researchers found cancer incidents and vital status by recording linkage.
Due to the CT scan machines, the element of blackmailing would come to an end as I am personally supervising the on-going reforms program, he added.
The next day, her confusion resolved, and repeat CT scans were unchanged.
Repeat post-operative CT scans were performed in all patients, where the timing was dependent upon either the neurological status of the patient or the severity of initial surgical lesion for which the patient was operated upon.
Emsley et al., in a retrospective study of 100 patients referred for CT scans, reported abnormalities in 61 patients.
In a retrospective study well before CT scans were available, 401 patients with brain tumors who had LP were reviewed, and 32% of the patients had papilledema.
However, this method requires multiple computed tomography (CT) scans and the abovementioned study investigated CT scans of elbows at five different flexion angles: 0[degrees], 40[degrees], 80[degrees], 120[degrees], and 135[degrees].
Lee and Kupperman (1) noted that if the guidelines are applied appropriately, the use of unnecessary CT scans could be reduced significantly.