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Canadian agency that gathers communications intelligence and assist law enforcement and security agencies

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To account for other paths through which PGAT may influence employee work engagement, we expected that CSE would partially mediate the effects of PGAT on employee work engagement.
The numbers of children at risk of CSE in the West Midlands' seven local authority areas are published quarterly by the 'See Me Hear Me' campaign.
Dr Gallagher acknowledges that CSE is an extremely serious issue that needs the "most robust response possible", but argues that "all forms or manifestations of child maltreatment should receive the same enhanced level of concern and attention that have been given to CSE.
Within FLAIR, the signal strength of tissues was relatively higher than CSE and FSE at all values of TR.
The advisor should meet with CSE stakeholders and discuss any suggestions presented for the formulation of the strategic plan, identifying and suggesting corrective or mitigating actions for any financial, legal, technical and commercial or industry issues, reviewing and developing, if considered necessary, the current corporate governance structure of CSE, performing investor soundings, identifying the potential investor landscape and submitting an analysis of the profile/ key characteristics of such investors.
With its new Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program sessions in Toronto, Arlington, Milwaukee, Atlanta, London and Dubai, CSE continues to attract executives from different countries, companies and business sectors.
In keeping with the primary objective of AMS Publications to maintain the highest standards of scientific publishing, Ken has encouraged other members of the Publications staff to become actively involved with CSE, and the AMS contingent is now up to five people.
Total revenue of the CSE for 2016 are estimated to reach EUR 5.
Root also met his England Under-19 team Azeem Rafiq, now coaching at the CSE.
Reddy believes institutions like the CSE are still necessary to increase the number of retail investors.
Public broadcaster CBC, citing a 2010 document obtained from former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, said the CSE closely monitors visits to government websites and scans about 400,000 emails per day for suspicious content, links or attachments.
According to The Verge, it is the first time the CSE, which is analogous in its responsibilities to the NSA, has admitted its work affects Canadian citizens.
Raising an alarm on Delhi, a CSE member said, " The Delhi government's own estimation shows that transportation contributes close to half of the carbon dioxide in the city.
The study appearing today in Epilepsia, a journal published by Wiley on behalf of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), suggests that neurodevelopmental impairments continue to be present one year after CSE.