CS gas

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a tear gas that is stronger than CN gas but wears off faster

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Aaran Hewlitt was found with CS gas and a lock knife
She based the decision on her findings that he "had to make a swift decision with limited means at his disposal" and chose to use CS gas which would not have lasting effects, the judge continued.
Blinded Witnesses reportedly claimed that just before the incident police officers had used CS gas against the woman leaving her temporarily blinded and unable to properly see traffic as she tried to cross the motorway.
Two cases were searched and nothing was found but, when the third bag was being searched, the defendant volunteered there was two batons and three CS gas canisters in it.
When interviewed Parry said he bought the CS gas canister six years before in Prague because he had problems with his partner's son, adding: "I know it would be an offence to carry it round with me but I thought it would be alright to have it in the house.
He was slashed through the letter box before the gang sprayed CS gas into the house.
The markings on them are not very clear in the photographs but one is a Number 19 CS gas canister with a manufacturer's address in Casper, Wyoming.
POLICE officers gave a suicidal man the number for the Samaritans - and then sprayed him with CS gas after he lashed out with a baton.
A LIVERPOOL man sprayed a woman with CS gas as she celebrated New Year after she saw him beat his girlfriend.
A haul of weapons - including CS gas, stun guns and knives - was found at a home in Bermondsey, south east London, yesterday.
CS gas is the more potent of tear gases used by police, producing an especially strong reaction.
A Big Issue seller claims he was assaulted by a Cleveland Police officer when he was sprayed with CS gas in the back of a police van.
A FARTOWN man has been jailed after he used CS gas spray on a member of staff at a takeaway.
Eyewitnesses report that CS gas was used in a relatively confined space against peaceful protesters posing no threat, while one police officer is clearly seen discharging a taser into the air for a prolonged period - an action that could have caused serious injury if gas had been ignited.
But when police acting on a tip-off went to his home, they found the Italian 8mm pistol hidden in a holdall along with a CS gas canister.