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English writer of adventure novels featuring Captain Horatio Hornblower (1899-1966)

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LET ME START OUT BY NAILING MY colours to the mast: I'm a lapstrake dory man; leg-of-mutton sail, centreboard and protected waters, Whenever the swell gets above about a half-metre, I'm in the club reading CS Forester or Patrick O'Brian.
Hornblower (Central) sees CS Forester's maritime hero take to th e high seas of the small screen in four two hour films, charting the exploits of the 18th century midshipman on his rise to naval history.
As a child I loved the now neglected historical war novels of GA Henty and CS Forester's Hornblower books.
CS FORESTER, writer (d 1966) turned down a CBE in 1953
In this action-packed and highly readable book, the narrative rattles along like a CS Forester or Patrick O'Brian novel, with a wealth of detail about naval life--from press gangs to prostitution--along the way.
`Tis time for a bit of swash and buckle on the high seas as CS Forester's Hornblower is back for another couple feature-length beauties.
The books, written by CS Forester, portray Hornblower as a brave and clever naval officer making his way in the rough, tough world of the navy.
Among the programmes announced are a historical drama Hornblower based on the CS Forester novels about the maritime hero as well as a dramatisation of Laurie Lee's Cider With Rosie.
BORN HANS Christian Andersen, writer, 1805 ALEC Guinness, film actor, 1914, above EMMYLOU Harris, US singer, 1947 DIED BUDDY Rich, US jazz drummer, 1987, above CS Forester, British author, 1966 GEORGES Pompidou, French PM, 1974
OTHER REFUSENIKSCS LEWIS, writer (d 1963), turned down CBE in 1952 GRAHAM GREENE, writer (d 1991) turned down CBE in 1956 JB PRIESTLEY, writer (d 1984), rejected peerage in 1965 and Companion of Honour in 1969 PHILIP LARKIN, poet (d 1985) turned down OBE in 1968 FRANCIS BACON, artist (d 1992) turned down CBE in 1960 ROBERT GRAVES, poet (d 1985) rejected CBE in 1957, and CH 1984 CS FORESTER, writer (d 1966) turned down a CBE in 1953 ELEANOR FARJEON, author (d 1965) turned down OBE in 1959 FRANCIS CRICK, Scientist and DNA discoverer (d 2004), turned down CBE in 1963 JOHN IRELAND, composer (d 1962), turned down CBE in 1959 MAJOR DEREK ALLHUSEN, Equestrian Olympic medallist (d 2000), turned down MBE in 1969 Should the honours system be scrapped?
Based on a tale by CS Forester involving a hazardous trip along an African river to destroy an enemy gunboat, The African Queen stars Bogie as riverboat captain Charlie and Hepburn as strait-laced Rose, with whom he forms an unlikely alliance.
However, his reluctance to join Huston on an elephant shooting expedition led to tensions between them during the making of The African Queen (1951), which Peter Viertel was adapting for the screen from the CS Forester novel.
1899: CS Forester. British writer, who became famous for his historical novels and his fictional character Horatio Hornblower.
Hornblower ITV3, 9.00pm ANOTHER chance to see the swashbuckling drama series about CS Forester's famous seafaring hero.