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the display that is electronically created on the surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube

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CRT screens are often too big for home desks and many users complain of eyestrain when using their PC because their eyes are not far enough away from the screen.
It felt that the traditional designer/draftsman would be reluctant to accept drawings created on a CRT screen unless there was some form of immediate feedback.
State environmental commissioner David Struhs said at a press conference in September that although the average CRT screen contains about eight pounds of lead, it is encased in the glass and does not become hazardous unless the glass is crushed and ground.
"This allows the operator, who is inside the vehicle, to easily view the CRT screen attached to the tester as he goes through the diagnostic tests."
The larger detection arrays-monitor-any radioactivity via a microprocessor that displays alarms on a CRT screen or sends them to a digital or analog meter that records radiation counts per minute.
Desktops and portables utilize the traditional, easily-viewable CRT screen which can range in size from 8" to 15" and is available in full color.
Static-control maintenance products include ASCAT, an Anti-Static Treatment Spray for use on carpets, fabrics, and other non-conductive surfaces; and SAFECLENS, an Anti-Static CRT Screen and Terminal Cleaner.
Fitted with CRT screen, all molding parameters (sequence,
The programs convey operation status, test results and performance statistics via the data analyzer's CRT screen.
For example, we can preview proposed formats for different kinds of reports, since everything entered on the keyboard initially appears on a CRT screen. Should the page be typed on vertically, 8-1/2 X 11, or horizontally, 11 X 8-1/2?
The CRT screen provides for flexibility in configuring information.
Use of graphics also minimizes the amount of text that must be put on the CRT screen. Without a picture, the CRT message might have to spell out the location of the envelope slot and how the envelope is to be inserted.
The CRT screen displays letters labeling the columns and numbers labeling the rows.
"He can telephone someone, take a CRT screen and call up the drawings of the last 10 stores we did that are similar to what the wants."
On the 12" CRT screen, a series of menus with simple, English-language prompts guide the computer operator through each job.