cyclic redundancy check

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an error correction code that is recorded in each sector of a magnetic disk and used to catch errors in the data

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'We know the power and impact of music in Nigeria and we intend to use it to also drive CRC as well as celebrate some of the achievements in the continent.
At the end of the event, the CRC announced a total of $20,757,510 had been raised from various donors 'to sustain humanitarian acts in the Kingdom'.
Over the coming months, CRC will work to fully integrate the operations.
Jun Ruiz, a highly noted gastroenterologist and committed advocate for CRC screening, discusses the latest guidelines in colorectal cancer screening in the March issue of H and L (Health and Lifestyle) magazine.
In the Philippines, the lack of a concrete population-based CRC screening program and the financial burden on the patient are just some of the barriers to this campaign.
(15) published a meta-analysis of 116 studies, which reported that the overall prevalence of CRC in any patient with UC was 3.7%.
Toward that end, in May 2018 the American Cancer Society issued updated guidelines recommending that people at average risk for CRC should now start undergoing regular screening for the disease at age 45.
But the existing contract at the Durham Tees Valley CRC will end two years early in 2020 - to be replaced by one of 10 new CRC contract areas across the nation under the new proposals.
This CRC was also more "Republican" than the last two, a reflection of the politics of the times in Florida.
An upgrade is precluded at this time given CRC's expansion plans that could result in the issuance of additional debt.
The cumulative lifetime risk of developing CRC in SA is 1.24 for males and 0.74 for females.
This fact is easily verifiable through the Nadra Verisys available with banks.According to Nadra's records, prior to issuing a computerised national identity card (CNIC), accused Imran had obtained a child registration certificate (CRC) from Nadra, bearing the number: 35102-7566063-5.Commonly known as form-B, the CRC is a document used to register minors under the age of 18 years.
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most frequently diagnosed malignancy, accounting for approximately 10% of global cancer burden [1-3].
A proposal to fix a loophole in an amendment from the 1997-98 Constitution Revision Commission on primary voting has become the first citizen-initiated amendment approved for further consideration by the current CRC.
This year, Florida's 37-member Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), which meets every 20 years, is convening to review and offer amendments to the state's constitution.