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The G600B has an updated, integrated self-diagnostic CPU board with a monitored pressure gauge.
Another approach is to use an Intel-based CPU board mounted in a compact PCI rack, but it is a very expensive solution.
The UK company Sequoia Technology has introduced a Pentium III CPU board with reduced power consumption.
A significant design constraint in such systems is the limited number of PMC slots on a CPU board.
Micro/sys released its StackableUSB CPU board on a Pentium III processor, creating an SBC that provides I/O expansion via StackableUSB peripherals.
Pricing for the EUROCOM[R] 400 CPU board is $1,499 each.
The Iwill QK8S consists of three (3) separate boards to form a complete 4-Way AMD Opteron processor solution: the CPU board, an I/O board and a VGA board.
The MLB-7920 from Arista Corporation is a high performance embedded CPU board designed for critical applications requiring 24/7 reliability.
The CPC5505 is a single slot, 6U system master CPU board operating at 1.
Users need simply attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to a user-supplied CPU board to have all of the system resources of a typical desktop PC.
Each CPU board is available in a pre-assembled hardware development kit.
today announced it will soon release its SpacePC(R) 4500 Series single board computer (SBC), a fanless CPU board that combines the new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel(R) Celeron(R) processor with an Intel 815E chipset in a ruggedized PC/104-Plus format ideal for demanding aerospace, defense, transportation, and industrial applications.
The CP306 CompactPCI 3U CPU board from Kontron is based on the Intel[R] Pentium[R] M processor and is clocked at 1.
To support the ePCI-200 CPU board, the EBP-6A4B1 is a shoe-box style backplane, and the EBP-11A4B6 is an ATX-style backplane.