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Synonyms for privacy

Synonyms for privacy

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

the condition of being concealed or hidden

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The accused was identified as Amir Qayyum who is reportedly serving as clerk in CPO Office, sources said.
Currently, AAL operates 26 units of CPO mills with a total production capacity of 1,130 tons of CPO per hour.
That is because CPO shareholders also voted to reopen the sale of shares, effectively giving the green light to anyone to engage in bulk buying and influence potential future votes on the fate of Stamford Bridge.
Around pounds 200,000 worth of new shares were purchased after Chelsea announced their plans on October 3, three and a half weeks before CPO voted on their proposal at an extraordinary general meeting.
What are the drivers, and who are the originators and moderators when hiring the first CPO and what is his or her tenure?
For NSPF, the agreement is another in a long line of strategic partnerships that is growing the CPO brand.
In that case, a 17-year-old California girl died in an accident in a CPO car that her family later learned was sold with frame damage and a history of brake and steering problems that the dealership did not disclose.
Unbeknownst to consumers who decide to purchase CPO vehicles, the inspection conducted on the vehicles is the same inspection that the technicians perform on all used vehicles whether they are part of the CPO program or not.
At the same time that the reforms were introduced, the Government issued new guidance on the use of CPO powers in Circular 06/04.
Although CPO has been used as an adhesion promoter in the automotive industry for many years, knowledge about how CPO promotes coating adhesion to TPO is limitroducible results is challenging because of the complexity and variability of the underlying TPO substrate.
Andrew Dean O'Brien, 18, of High Street, Greatham - 60 hours CPO and three-year ban;
The main selling point of the CPO program is peace of mind with warranties that include free maintenance, possible exchange policy, lower interest, mechanical inspections before certifying, lower mileage, and product quality that is as good as a new vehicle," says Todd Wilson, former director of Automotive Sales and Internet Research for J.
The set's sloppy packaging (typically unattractive CPO cover art, booklets from the original single-disc releases thrown into a multidisc jewel case) is offset by its budget price.