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an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer

a self-report personality inventory originally derived from the MMPI

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However, there is a version of the CPI that attempts to account for substitution in a manner similar to the PCE price index: the chain-weighted (or chained) CPI.
In no event shall an annual escalation exceed 50% of the CPI increase as aforementioned computed .
In previous years, CPI put higher priority on licensing its process to others than on its own custom molding business.
A number of significant methodological improvements have been made to the CPI since 1978.
The hearings that this subcommittee held last year on the CPI provided a very clear summary of the arguments surrounding some of the difficult measurement problems confronting the BLS and the range of professional opinions concerning the quantitative significance of those problems.
Lowering the CPI by that amount would mean less of an increase in pension benefits and more taxes paid.
Defenders of the expert commission that added fuel to the controversy would respond that pension, salary, and wage amounts are a political question, whereas the CPI is a scientific issue.
By waiting until 1987 to add VCRs and 1998 to count cellular phones, for example, the CPI has missed huge price drops.
Nonetheless, the preamble avers that the change is necessary because the application of CPI solely to transfers of intangibles would create an artificial and unwarranted distinction between tangible and intangible property, and would lead to disputes in cases involving tangible property incorporating an intangible.
As for electricity, gas and water, the Composite CPI fell by 0.
A decrease in interest rates based on this CPI component weighting thoroughly disguises the recent rapid increase in building material costs.
For these and other reasons outlined in the Boskin Commission report and other studies, we know with near certainty that the current CPI is off.
That is clearly the case with current proposals to change the Consumer Price Index, triggered by the Consumer Price Index Revision Commission report that the CPI overstates inflation and the search for a politically workable balanced 2002 budget deal.
As in GMT sheet (such as Azdel from GE Plastics or Exxon's Taffen), polypropylene is the resin currently used in the CPI process.
The CPI concept represents important progress, providing a measure of flexibility to taxpayers, since, until recently, the IRS thought in terms of only a single correct transfer price.