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an accountant who has passed certain examinations and met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state

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The CBA will advise that if a CPA uses an external service provider that is a separate legal entity to process confidential information such as tax returns, written permission must be obtained from the client in advance.
CPAs may not be in control of their own firms in a state that permits up to 50% of a CPA firm to be owned by non-CPAs.
When he was president of the Alabama Society of CPAs, Williamson led efforts to help women rise to leadership positions.
Whether practitioners know it or not, PFP is one of their core competencies, and the AICPA's PFS designation is the only PFP credential specifically designed for CPAs. The PFS credential not only designates CPAs who specialize in PFP, but it also signals to clients a higher level of skill and knowledge.
On the Web site, young CPAs can find tools and resources to help them map out their skill development needs, get networking and work/life balance advice and learn about CPE options.
CPAs, condensed versions of regular police academies, first were developed in the United Kingdom in 1977 for the purpose of acquainting citizens with the nature and structure of policing.
The 1990s have been a turning point for large CPA firms, whose fast-growing consulting practices are gradually overtaking audit as the most profitable - and, in some cases, largest - segments of their business.
Aaron Obenyah, CPA; Abhishek Bhatt, CPA; Ailyn Van Der Bokke, CPA; Andrew Edward Bevegni, CPA; Andrew George Micko, CPA; Andrew Singer, CPA; Aye Aye Min, CPA; Benjamin Kirk Hawker, CPA; Brian Riley, CPA; Candy Lee, CPA; Carly Gouveia; Diana Chak-Kai Chiu, CPA; Fernando Pineda Nivela, CPA; Jacob A Gilford, CPA; Jacob Johnson, CPA; Jeffrey Baum, CPA; Justin M Thomas, CPA; Kamran Tahvilian, CPA; Kevin J.
* A company's staff positions involve many human resources (HR) functions that CPA firms can provide relatively easily.
The definition of "investment adviser" may surprise many CPAs. According to Section 202(a)(11) of the Advisers Act, an investment adviser is:
To obtain the CPA logo and tagline in EPS high resolution Adobe Illustrator and JPEG formats, along with FAQs and regulations for reproduction, access the CPA Marketing Tool Kit at (username = cpamarketing; password = toolkit1!; use an exclamation point after the number 1).
This study identified that, on average, CPAs last 11 weeks, include 3 hours of training per week, and contain an average of 24 students.
Are you sure you can legally call yourself a CPA? Are you (or someone who works for you) one of the many CFOs, controllers or accountants who may be inappropriately using the CPA title and violating state laws without even knowing it?
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* Many CPAs think that offering neutral CPA services to existing clients who decide to divorce poses a conflict of interest.