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an accountant who has passed certain examinations and met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state

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See future issues of The CPA Letter for more on these innovative grassroots programs.
The CalCPA Bay Area chapters recently welcomed local CPAs licensed in the past year with a private event at Levi's Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers.
Another of Williamson's top priorities is improving the diversity of the CPA profession by offering greater career advancement opportunities to women and members of minority groups.
The Young CPA Network is designed to provide a place where young CPAs can go to find information and resources geared toward their needs.
Could the CPA argue that a closely held FLP interest is not a "security"?
A second, and perhaps less obvious, purpose of the CPA curriculum is to foster a sense of goodwill.
As the consulting practice has grown faster and more profitably than the attest business, CPA partners and IT partners disagree about who owns whom, and who owes whom what.
The job is easier if the neutral CPA can speak to and meet with clients directly, without either lawyer present.
Combining the Pareto Principle with the concept of strategic alliances, CPA firms can create value and build strong relationships with colleagues as a foundation for future cooperation and, possibly, for succession planning.
To obtain the CPA logo and tagline in EPS high resolution Adobe Illustrator and JPEG formats, along with FAQs and regulations for reproduction, access the CPA Marketing Tool Kit at www.
5] Due to the overwhelming success of the program, the CPA concept spread throughout the nation.
When state regulations are revised, the changes can affect whether a person can still legitimately use the CPA designation.
After speaking with thousands of contractors and their CPA firms over the years, a common theme was noted, the need for a quick and accurate method to gather the necessary information easily from a client's accounting software," commented Fred Ode, Foundation Software's CEO/Chairman.
Jenna Salah, CPA Jennifer Bogart, CPA (GoldsteinEnright Accountancy Corp)
It is the responsibility of the CPA to contact the board of accountancy in the jurisdiction in which he or she intends to practice.