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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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To our knowledge, COX-2 inhibitors have never been included on this list.
The results showed that of those currently using a COX-2 inhibitor, 19% were more likely to die after a stroke than those who didn't take the drug and new users of the medicines had a 42% increase in risk mortality from stroke compared to nonusers.
Conventional COX-2 inhibitors, researchers acknowledge, have a lower potential to cause stomach ulcers; but they do not rule out the possibility of ulcers in certain patients.
The most important factors which influenced the doctors to choose between non-selective NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors during prescribing were their gastrointestinal safety profiles (65.9%), efficacy (23.7%), cardiovascular safety profiles (3.8%), and the consultant's opinion (3.8%).
Compared with people who did not take the drugs, recent users were about 40% more likely to suffer irregular heart beat if they were on NSAIDs and 70% more likely if they were on COX-2 inhibitors.
Those taking COX-2 inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis were at particular
By inhibiting the production of PGs, as both COX-1 inhibitors ("nonselective" NSAIDs) and COX-2 inhibitors ("coxibs") do, these agents can exacerbate, even cause, fluid imbalance, electrolyte disorders, and kidney problems during a marathon.
The fears relate to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as well as newer anti-inflammatory drugs known as COX-2 inhibitors, and reflect previous studies.
In an attempt to minimise COX-1 side-effects, selective COX-2 inhibitors were developed.
In laboratory and animal studies, researchers found that COX-2 inhibitors, a class of medications including celecoxib, blunt aspirin's ability to discourage blood clots.
The primary goal of this paper was to determine what effect local and national television advertising on behalf of the two main COX-2 inhibitors had on the treatment decisions that patients made in collaboration with their physicians.
The researchers investigate reduction of breast cancer risk by COX-2 inhibitors, health beliefs and breast cancer screening, etiological models of prostate cancer, cumin's ability to prevent skin cancer, and Fas resistance in adult T-cell leukemia lymphoma.
Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are divided into two subcategories: (1) COX-2 specific inhibitors (referred to as COX-2 inhibitors for the remainder of this paper) such as celecoxib (Celebrex[R]), and (2) nonselective NSAIDs (referred to as NSAIDs for the remainder of this paper) such as ibuprofen (Motrin[R]).