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a pass between mountain peaks

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On the twenty-fifth of this month a reinforcement of forty-five men arrived from North-Carolina, and about the twentieth of August following, Col. Bowman arrived with one hundred men from Virginia.
During my absence from Kentucke, Col. Bowman carried on an expedition against the Shawanese, at Old Chelicothe, with one hundred and sixty men, in July, 1779.
Col. Harrod proposed to mount a number of horse, and furiously to rush upon the savages, who at this time fought with remarkable fury.
When, as happened once or twice I caught her at an elegant little wash-tub rubbing hard on white col lars, baby's socks, and Hermann's summer neck ties, she would blush in girlish confusion, and rais ing her wet hands greet me from afar with many friendly nods.
You should have waited, got yourself elected deputy, followed the politics of a party, sometimes down in the depths, at other times on the crest of the wave, and you should have taken, like Monsieur de Villele, the Italian motto 'Col tempo,' in other words,