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Senior Army officers on COI were reportedly of the view that it was 'one-off incident that was blown out of proportion'.
A esto hay que anadir que todos los compromisos ambientales hechos por Rio de Janeiro al COI fueron abandonados poco a poco.
No COI forms is required when the content of the activity has no commercial interest relevance.
Historic England, which campaigns for the preservation of the built environment, chose not to oppose the COI application for Chamber of Commerce House in its advice to the DCMS.
COI increases were widespread in 2015, though they generally fell within a 5 to 50 percent range.
and Total COI, as a prerequisite for further use of these variables in time series regressions.
COI relationships tend to be most productive when they're part of a broader lead-generation strategy, says Andy Barkate, M.
In a recent IRMI [International Risk Management Institute] Expert Commentary, David Dybdahl disclosed that when his risk management firm audited hundreds of COIs and their underlying policies over a period of years, they found that more than 90% had at least one material misrepresentation between the liability coverage shown on the COI and that provided by the actual underlying policy.
Each COI represents specific cross-domain technology areas where there is substantial investment across multiple components.
The COI recommended that the Security Council refer Pyongyang's "crimes against humanity" to the ICC.
Pero mas importante aun es la necesidad de reconstruir y entender la sede en un marco que incluya las dinamicas globales y regionales de la Guerra Fria (especialmente lo que podriamos llamar el momento Kennedy), las tendencias geopoliticas del COI y la naturaleza y oportunidad del proyecto mexicano y sus hombres.
Sonja Biserko, a member of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry (COI) who adopted a COI report on the human rights situation in North Korea and recommendations for improvement in March, urged the U.
The European Union (EU) Thursday announced a 15-million-euro donation to member-states of the Indian Ocean Commission (COI) to enable them fund their projectsEeon renewable energy and energy sustainability, the COI Secretary General, Jean-Claude de laACAOEstrac, disclosed.