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common business-oriented language

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Paris-based COBOL-IT was founded in 2008 to help organizations preserve the functionality of strategic COBOL applications with superior performance and agility.
"By leveraging the cloud to bring Agile and DevOps to their core COBOL apps, large enterprises can more quickly and easily adapt the mainframe and continue reaping its full benefits as the most powerful, secure, cost-efficient and adaptive systems of record platform in the universe for executing application logic, running high-performance databases and processing financial transactions."
But the man refused to tell the Cobol family how they might be able to contact Alfred.
So, we can do development on these platforms because our COBOL compiler is so compatible that has enabled us to offers development.
By using this online COBOL generator, the programmer eliminates the need for basic program editing from having copied an existing program and the result is a shell program with all the program specific information already contained within the generated source listing.
Ron Turley Associates (RTA), a pacesetter in fleet management solutions, chose Veryant's technology to protect its COBOL application investments, enhance graphical user interfaces, and expand into new markets.
"COBOL continues to be the language of business around the world," said Alfredo Iglesias, vice president of business development for Veryant.
The old languages such as COBOL run on mainframes, new languages, like Java or .NET, run on servers.
Legacy applications and data have historically been defined as those inherited from languages, platforms and techniques earlier than the current technology (mainframe-based COBOL applications).
Fujitsu Software Corporation, San Jose, Calif., a supplier of COBOL compilers, has unveiled its popular NetCOBOL(TM) product on the Linux operating system.
"Acucorp has always been committed to providing ISVs and others involved in software development with the tools necessary to modernize and enhance their COBOL applications," explains Gerold Ekstrom, Acucorp's vice president, Strategic Directions.
Viasoft has recently been pushing its Renaissance mainframe code analysis, Cobol re-engineering and fixing tool suites rather than its fading Y2K products, including tools which will take legacy Cobol code and wrap it into more manageable components.
1959 On May 28, CODASYL (Conference of Data Systems Languages) met to design the specs for COBOL. COBOL was commercially available a year later and officially changed to a four-digit date field in 1974.
In cases where the data resides in a standard format such as COBOL data files, the vendor will assume offloading responsibility after learning how the old system operates.