carbon monoxide poisoning

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a toxic condition that results from inhaling and absorbing carbon monoxide gas

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We report a case of 72 years old man who had myocardial infarction after exposure to CO poisoning.
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency chief Kenkichi Hirose told Nishibata, ''It is quite regrettable that Herman covered up the illegal remodeling when the CO poisonings involving Paloma Industries' products have stirred public concern.''
Blood carboxyhemoglobin (HbCO) concentrations are used to confirm the diagnosis of CO poisoning, although these concentrations are not always well correlated with clinical manifestation or outcome.
As we have seen, CO poisoning can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone.
So, with the gas so commonplace, how can we protect ourselves from CO poisoning?
Figures released by the Health and Safety Executive as part of a new British Gas awareness campaign re-veal of the 1,062 people who suffered CO poisoning in the last five years in Britain, 109 died and one in ten of those fatalities were under ten.
* Be alert to symptoms of CO poisoning during situations where that may be a possibility.
In addition, many studies report that death from UNFR CO poisoning is more common among men and older adults (CDC, 2007; Cobb & Etzel, 1991; Sircar et al., 2015).
The oxygen-deprivation function of CO poisoning makes it deadly because it attacks the most important parts of your body first--brain, nervous system, heart and lungs.
CO poisoning is defined as carboxyhemoglobin >5% for nonsmokers and >10% for smokers or those whose smoking status is unknown (2).
The training will cover the sources, signs and symptoms of CO poisoning, including an increased risk of falls and signs of dementia.
Despite one person dying every other week from CO poisoning in the UK, the recent research from CO Be alarmed!
He is diagnosed with CO poisoning and treated with oxygen by mask for 2 hours.