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Conclusion: Patients with DLBCL who had advanced stage, high LDH and extra-nodal involvement at initial presentation are at high risk for CNS relapse.
Historically, the CNS role has been interpreted by employers, educators and nurses in a variety of ways.
Air Cargo Europe historically takes place in June, but in 2015, it will be held May 5-8--the same week in May that CNS was going to be held.
The CNS Foundation was established in late 2012 and began collecting donations earlier this year.
CNS officials have sought the intervention of civil aviation minister Ajit Singh in the matter.
The contemporary CNS role is also established in Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (Chen, 2009; Hamric et al.
Newcombe said 21 staffers are no longer needed -- partly because CNS no longer processes copy from various Copley Press newspapers.
So you call the critical care CNS, who provides an on-the-spot inservice on proper care and management of these tubes.
Market analysis shows that products currently used that have a neuroprotective effect have a market value of $970 million out of a CNS market value of $15.
In a provocative experiment supporting this idea, Schwartz' group induced nerve cell regeneration by artificially stimulating macrophages and transplanting them to injured areas of the CNS.
The evolution of the role of the CNS varies considerably in the three Maritime Provinces.
An IHC test using an anti-Japanese encephalitis antibody showed intense immunostaining of flaviviral antigens in neurons, neuronal processes, and inflammatory foci at various CNS sites (Figure 2A, B).
There is no evidence that MAG is a major inhibitor of regeneration in the CNS," says Schachner.