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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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Tanazofti a signale que le syndicat a decide de ne pas renouveler la convention avec la CNAM le 06 fevrier 2018, conformement aux articles 82 et 38 de la convention sectorielle signee entre les deux parties, puisque la CNAM n'a pas respecte ses engagements et n'a pas actualise la convention.
One interesting development to come from CNAM is a new manufacturing process for discontinuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheet (CNAM-DiFTs).
As per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies, the sole purpose of adding this webpage is to highlight their services of developing module and/ or application for ENUM and CNAM lookup.
Tradition holds that he came to CNAM to contemplate, to think in quiet about the army of contrivances that was invading France: the steam engines.
The plan calls into question the payment by the CNAM of the social contributions of all doctors -- at a cost of FF 8 billion a year.
When it came time to revisit our CNAM database contract, we were delighted to learn that TNS had one of the largest and most extensive databases in the US, capable of meeting all of our stringent service requirements.
In his response to MPs' remarks, the Minister of Social Affairs considered that the CNAM has made progress in the field of governance by reducing expenditure and detecting abuses.
TNS has provided high-quality database services since 1995, including network-based CNAM using only data sourced from the provisioning carriers, the definitive source for accuracy.
Tanazefti a signale que le syndicat avait demande a la CNAM de rembourser entierement, soit 100% des depenses de soins dispenses aux enfants ages de 11 ans et ce, pour renforcer le cote preventif et reduire les frais de traitement a l'age adulte sauf que la caisse n'a pas repondu a cet appel.
This is due to the good governance conducted by his department as well as all the measures taken to reduce the deficit of CNAM, he said.
During the signing ceremony of the convention, Vocational Training and Employment Minister Said Aidi stressed the importance of this tripartite convention as it helps create and develop co-operation fields between France's CNAM and the Tunisian ministries.
Company Serves More Than 30 North American Telecom Providers with Comprehensive Authoritative CNAM Solution Powered by TARGUSinfo
CNSS (Caisse de securite sociale) et CNRPS (Caisse de retraite pour le secteur public) doivent en effet quelque 2,8Aa Milliards de dinars tunisiens a la CNAM (Caisse d'assurance maladie).
However, the lack of a method for obtaining IP-based CNAM information from trusted, authoritative, third-party subscription services has been a barrier.
Le charge de la communication au sein de la Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie (CNAM), Younes Ben Nejma, a indique, ce lundi, que le ministre des Affaires Sociales, Ahmed Ammar Younbai, a preside jeudi 5 juin la signature d'une annexe de l'accord entre l'ordre des pharmaciens et la CNAM.