vestibulocochlear nerve

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a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea

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Age, sex Clinical Endocrine Pathology presentation abnormality 28, M [16] HA, CN II/V -- B-cell 49, M [12] HA, CN VIII, Nys Hypo, DI, PRL B-cell 48, M [4] HA, CN VI, F, -- B-cell S&WL, nausea 73, F [13] HA, fatige, Hypo, DI, PRL B-cell CN VI 53, M [11] HA, CN VI -- T-cell 48, M [3] HA, CN III/VI -- B-cell 67, F [9] CN II/III Hypo B-cell 82, M [1] HA, CN II Hypo, DI B-cell 65, M [10] n.d.
* characterised by ipsilateral involvement of CN V - CN VIII
* CN VIII nuclear/fascicular damage - facial weakness
Thus, traction on the cranial nerves results in hyperacusis and dizziness (CN VIII), horizontal diplopia (CN VI) and facial numbness (CN V) or facial weakness (CN VII).
Concurrently, an extracellular electrode was used to probe and isolate regions correlated with either fictive gill or lung rhythm (rostral to SN II and caudal to CN VIII).