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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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"After the CMB was released, the Universe was still very different from the one we live in today, and it took a long time until the first stars were able to form," explains Marco Bersanelli of Universit degli Studi di Milano, Italy.
Cosmologists had therefore suggested that a supervoid spanning hundreds of millions of light-years could cause the Cold Spot: the energy lost would effectively create a cool fingerprint on the CMB. But previous void searches had come up empty --in part because they had searched the distant, early universe.
2014 marks the first occasion that CMB Engineering exhibited the company's bestselling canmaking equipment at the show.
CMB Renewables has prepared a fact sheet with contact numbers and email addresses to enable homeowners to make informed decisions on the benefit of Renewable Technologies.
In an affidavit sworn to by a Relationship Manager of Wema Bank, Mr Henry Alakhume, the deponent averred that by an application dated March 24, 2014 and signed by Kelechukwu Mbagwu, the Managing Director of CBM Maintenance and investment Company applied to Wema Bank for a loan Project Finance Facility in the real estate sector, to finance the completion of 17 units of detached duplexes Pearl Garden Estates at Sangotedo, Lagos State and which was granted to CMB Maintenance and and Investment by Wema bank Plc.
CMB Sports LLC leased the building with an option to buy.
The affirmation of CMB International Leasing's IDR reflects our assessment of an extremely high probability of support from CMB Leasing and CMB, as CMB International Leasing is highly integrated with CMB Leasing and is an important platform for its overseas operation.
When discovered in the 1960s, CMB radiation (the embers of the Big Bang) appeared to fill the sky uniformly, which raised a serious question: if CMB is uniform, how can there be galaxies today?
Further, the CMB, according to the draft, has to provide data for important rain gauge stations maintained by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and Central Water Commission.
Chennai: Stirs, including rail blockades, by political parties and other outfits for setting up of the Cauvery Management Board (CMB) continued on Saturday in several parts of Tamil Nadu.
IANS Madurai/Chennai With anger sweeping Tamil Nadu over the Centre's failure to set up a Cauvery Water Management Board (CMB), the ruling AIADMK announced a hunger strike on April 2 and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswamy hinted the state will move the Supreme Court with a contempt plea against the Centre.
'Respeto,' which was the toast of this year's Cinemalaya, bagged two awards last year: the DGPI Prize and the CMB Prize.
As the universe expanded, the CMB began cooling from its initial temperature of about 3,000 Kelvin (almost 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit) to its present-day coolness of 2.73 Kelvin (-454.75 degrees Fahrenheit).
US-based floating LNG solutions company Excelerate Energy has completed the long-term sale and leaseback of the FSRU Experience with a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese financial services firm CMB Financial Leasing Co., the company said.