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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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Current products include the CLR Library(TM), which contains measurement-based models for a multitude of commercially-available passive components, the Non-Linear Diode (NLD) Library(TM) and the Non-Linear Transistor (NLT) Library(TM).
It is the mission of CLR to provide, in any medium, statutes, regulations and court rules that are more up-to-date, accurate, and affordable than those of any other publisher.
In the proposed second step of the acquisition, TTC plans to merge Sabre with and into CLR, with CLR as the surviving corporation of the merger.
CLR was founded in 1964 as a computer service bureau for federal income tax returns for tax preparers.
Tobin, national director of international tax services at Ernst & Young, noted, "We are pleased that CLR has selected Ernst & Young to help with the design and support of their corporate international tax compliance software.
The agreement is not expected to have an impact on CLR operating results in 1997, but is expected to contribute positively to earnings in 1998 and future years.
In conjunction with this announcement, CLR also announced the signing of a $1.
Then, in December of 1995, CLR acquired the popular DOS-based Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) and Utility Fixed Asset Management System (UFAMS) from Price Waterhouse LLP.
ACE incorporates accounting software products previously marketed as CLR Professional Software.
CLR previously acquired a DOS based practice management software package from Prentice Hall under the trade name Practice Advantage.