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British general and statesman whose victory at Plassey in 1757 strengthened British control of India (1725-1774)

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Small wooden boards can be disinfected in the microwave, Cliver found, though "care must be used to prevent overheating."
CHEP contacted Cliver to find out if the science also applied to wooden pallets.
Moreover, colonization of the neonatal respiratory tract with these organisms is a risk factor for chronic lung disease."The article is "The Alabama Preterm Birth Study: Umbilical Cord Blood Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis Cultures in Very Preterm Newborns" by Robert L Goldenberg, MD; William W Andrews, Ph.D., MD; Alice R Goepfert, MD; Ona Faye-Petersen, MD; Suzanne P Cliver; Waldemar A Carlo, MD; and John C Hauth, MD.
coli scares, there is no need for alarm, said Dean Cliver, a professor of food safety at the University of California-Davis.
Las caracteristicas deseables en un bioindicador incluyen una amplia distribucion geografica, facil recoleccion, estilo de vida sesil o de territorialidad restringida, y buena comprension de los procesos bioquimicos del organismo (Cliver y Newman, 1987; Crowe et al., 2004; Moore et al., 2004).
(8.) Hickey C, Cliver S, McNeal S & R Goldenberg Low pregravid body mass index as a risk factor for preterm birth: variation by ethinic group.
In general, a short interpregnancy interval is viewed as a risk factor for poor birth outcomes.An interval of about 18 to 23 months is considered vital to restore maternal nutritional resources and for alleviation of postpartum stress (Klerman, Cliver, & Goldenberg, 1998).
It has BMW's Dynamic Stability Control for unrivalled driving stability, and cliver touches such as a broad tailgate, safety and luggage nets, storage compartments and a 12-volt socket.
Michelle Cliver and Nicki Aerni had two hits apiece in the win.
"These viruses are transmitted as a result of direct or indirect contact with feces or vomit," according to Dean Cliver, professor at the University of California at Davis and author of the report entitled Scientific Status Summary on Virus Transmission via Food.
Cliver, professor of food safety at the University of California, Davis, cooking meats at low temperatures (below 325[degrees]) for a long time can be safe if you observe certain rules.
Putting out an advisory that warns everyone not to eat green onions is barking up the wrong tree," says Dean Cliver, professor of food safety at the University of California at Davis.
Blaine Cliver, "Tests for the Analysis of Mortar Samples," Association for Preservation Technology Bulletin, Vol.