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rare (usually fatal) brain disease (usually in middle age) caused by an unidentified slow virus

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The results of this study indicate that sporadic CJD should be considered in any patient with a rapidly progressive dementia who has been given multiple potential diagnoses," such as those with neurodegenerative, autoimmune, infectious, or toxic/metabolic etiologies, the investigators wrote.
Magee said the city resident who died had classic CJD, not mad cow disease, which is much rarer.
Daughter Elizabeth added: "Because CJD is so rare, we felt like we had no-one to turn to.
More recently, in New Zealand, CJD has again come into the public eye with extensive media coverage (3).
This has caused a gold rush of sorts for pharmaceutical companies, to create a blood test for CJD or for any TSE, for that matter.
Figure 2 contains individual characteristics for persons who died in Colorado with CJD listed on the death certificate and smoothed population CJD rates (34).
But only 18 percent of people suspected to have died from sporadic CJD had their brains autopsied to determine the type of CJD they succumbed to, according to a ministry survey.
CJD has occasionally been transmitted through blood or infected instruments or tissue.
Secretary Linda Kinahan, 61, from West Derby, contracted the debilitating illness, sporadic CJD (CreutzfeldJakob Disease), a month after retiring.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the deaths raise concern because all three were under 30, while CJD usually only strikes people older than 45.
A CJD timebomb could be ticking in the British population, experts warned yesterday.
With this vague clinical picture, CJD can cause considerable diagnostic perplexity.
Also, even though variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD) can be distinguished from sporadic CJD (all other), it's difficult to do so.
A father-of-three is facing the horrendous prospect that he may have caught CJD from a blood donation he received as a child.