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Synonyms for certification

the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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As part of the partnership, Ahold USA will continue to purchase Florida tomatoes only from growers participating in the CIW's Fair Food Program, and expand the Fair Food Program's standards to farms of participating growers in other states; work with the CIW to ensure timely, periodic inspections and audits of participating farms supplying Ahold USA; pay a premium on tomatoes purchased from participating growers that the growers pass on to field workers; provide additional financial support for the Fair Food Standards Council; and support the Fair Food Program with expanding marketing and advertising, including in-store displays, online visibility and educational materials for store associates.
In 1999, three men who had been held against their will and forced to work in the fields and live in a camp near Immokalee escaped and told their story to the CIW. The CIW alerted federal authorities, who raided the camp.
With Walmart on board the Fair Food Program, the pressure also increases on Wendy's and Kroger to reach an agreement with CIW.
These comprehensive 12-week courses include Network Implementation and Configuration (Cisco), Server Administration and IT Support (Microsoft), and Web Design and Development (CIW).
These criteria were set following extensive discussions at the CIW National Working Group and are consistent with the literature.
Hutelmyer said that to receive a CIW designation takes three to five years, on average.
A summary and full version of the environment report as well as the document Ideas for positive change are available at the CIW's website, www.ciw.ca.
CHAMPS: Local rugby league champions of the 1947-8 season, the CIW team.
I fynd i mewn i''r Amgueddfa ei hun, roedd rhaid ymuno mewn ciw, ond rhyw chwarter awr y buom yn hwnnw, drwy drugaredd.
Belgian investment firm CIW contributed EUR 5 million to the capital hike.
You could work towards industry certification, such as the Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) Master Designer course.
Taco Bell (also mentioned in the article) was the first to sign an agreement with the CIW, and McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway have followed.
"The 16-months Cisco Certified Security Professional Track and the 12-months Master CIW Website Manager are programmes that university graduates will be accepted into.
The Collaborative Information Workspace (CIW) is a research and development effort seeking to employ or supplement, the emergent USTRANSCOM Enterprise Service Bus.