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Descriptive statistical approach was used to describe patient's characteristics using numbers, combined accuracy of conventional MRI and additional techniques like MRS and 3D CISS was evaluated.
The objective of this study is to investigate the behavior of the RC pier and the CISS pile connection considering the interface between the steel casing and the infilled concrete.
Conventionally, T1 -weighted hyperintensity may be caused by either proteinaceous or hemorrhagic content; contrast enhancement implies an active process that can be inflammatory or neoplastic; and the loss of CISS signal indicates fibrosis.
A demographical questionnaire prepared by the authors for this study, the CISS, COPE inventory, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, and the Satisfaction with Life Scale were administered to the participants.
Participating in projects like the CISS not only enhances the university's reputation, but is a requirement, said Kusalik.
The CISS will serve as a model for other states as a next-generation tool that can improve public safety.
The reason for the limited coverage is to erase the cause why CISS was pre-maturely terminated in 2000.
There are research problems that require access to computational resources that exceed that of any single site in Canada," said Jonathan Schaeffer, from the U of A's department of computing science, who, along with Paul Lu, created the CISS vision.
Under the CISS contract, NCI will consolidate services, optimize USTRANSCOM resources, reduce the cost of operations, and facilitate the standardization of services in classified and nonclassified environments.
Executive Director CISS Ambassador (Retd) Ali Sarwar Naqvi, in his opening remarks, highlighted two factors of concern for Pakistan's security - the growing Indo-US cooperation and the ambiguity shrouding the narrative.
TAKING THE CISS Bellamy hobbles back on to his feet after a scything late tackle by Ciss KON TRICK ROCKS STU Konate is mobbed by his Senegal team-mates after his late equaliser
Sally Killian, manager of CISS, said the aim was to offer complementary therapies to patients at all stages of their treatment, both in hospital and in the community.
Speaking at the roundtable Dr Christine Leah, visiting research fellow with CISS and Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer at Yale University, said she was opposed to nuclear disarmament because a substantial cut would bring back issues of conventional strategy.
With Veramark's customer satisfaction at over 90%, his mission is to continue to improve these ratings, as the company expands into its new CISS initiatives.
Executive Director CISS ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi in foreword of the book mentioned that Pakistan's geo-strategic location at the cross-roads of South, Central and West Asia has not only bestowed upon it many advantages but has also encumbered it with serious security challenges.