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With respect to labour migration, in the overwhelming majority of the CIS countries young people would like to find a temporary job in the EU and other countries (the U.
Following the meeting, they adopted a plan of joint actions of the CIS countries to address pressing issues in the financial and economic sphere.
Currently, more than 365 companies from CIS countries operate from Hamriyah Free Zone.
It presents data on dynamics of production of this type of rolling stock, the largest manufacturers of these products in the CIS countries.
The report provides analysis of NPK fertilizers market in CIS Countries and Globally.
Those Georgians who said some or all CIS countries should cooperate were asked which type of cooperative arrangement they felt would be best.
Dmitriy Deriglazov, our new sales manager for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the other CIS countries was recruited in August," Mr.
Preventing the spread of MANPADS (man-portable air defence systems) has become a priority in SALW transfer controls for many CIS countries.
The East Coast exporter speculates that any strength in the export market would be limited by the possibility of increased ferrous shipments picking up from Black Sea ports in the former CIS countries, as well as increased interests from scrap substitutes such as hot briquetted iron, pig iron and direct reduced iron.
The CIS countries are scrapping for funds at an inopportune time.
com/research/n8tjxx/otc_market_in_cis) has announced the addition of the "OTC Market in CIS countries 2012" report to their offering.
Prime Ministers of CIS countries signed a joint action plan to address pressing issues in the financial and economic sphere, as well as strategies to ensure international traffic safety during their meeting on Friday in Kazakhstan's Borovoe resort.
Georgia's trade turnover with the CIS countries increased by 0.
Fortis' healthcare arm,SRL Diagnostics, is planning to expand into rapidly developing markets of Africa and CIS countries.
As country sales manager, Maksat Izzhanov will be heading sales operations across the CIS countries.