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Especially in view of the attempts of individual ill-wishers to bury the CIS as a useless rudiment.
The CIS was conceived as a single-currency economic zone and joint defense alliance when it was established in 1991.
Liz Carnes, president and CEO, Aegis Electronic Group: "CIS has built a solid reputation in Japan, Europe and Asia, and we at Aegis are committed to helping CIS Americas achieve the same high-profile status in North America.
Nancy Fedich, chief executive officer of CIS, is enthusiastic about the alliance as well.
Through Partnership Program CIS expands its reach of the program to segments of the population not traditionally reached by the Information Service (1-800-4CANCER, www.
From organizational culture and management level support to choices of competitive information systems software and long-term maintenance, several major factors have been shown to influence the design and ultimate success of CIS (Hohhof, 1994).
Over the past 20 years, Skakkebaek, now chief of the Department of Growth and Reproduction at University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen, has observed CIS cells in adults as well as young boys.
Of the first 100 privatizations in the CIS, FPI has completed 70--an astounding figure for an extra-governmental organization in a confederation still based largely on command and control.
These CIS security guides are the result of a consensus-based peer review process of subject matter experts, providing perspectives from a diverse set of backgrounds including consulting, software development, audit and compliance, security research, operations, government and legal.
It is expected that the Heads of State will decide on the implementation of the Interstate program on "cultural capital of the CIS", declaring the Russian city of Voronezh and Tajik city of Kulob as CIS cultural capitals in 2015.
But keep in mind that CIS governments have made significant headway in eliminating some of the more stubborn investment obstacles.
com/research/7xtptx/stmicro) has announced the addition of the "STMicro Wafer-Level Camera - WLP CIS + Heptagon WL-Optic Reverse Costing" report to their offering.
The heads of government of the CIS member states signed six international agreements during the summit in Minsk, BelTA reported.
com/research/hp4jxh/toshiba) has announced the addition of the "Toshiba Wafer-Level Camera - WLP CIS + Anteryon WL-Optic Reverse Costing" report to their offering.
Moscow will host the CIS and New Cooperation Formats International Economic Forum on March 14, the press service of the CIS Executive Committee reported.