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a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein

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CIRA performs advanced international and national Italian research assignments for the aerospace industry.
At the same time, this investment in CIRA demonstrates our belief that the company, like many others in Egypt, has tremendous long-term potential.
The CIRA can dispose of the property, at the discretion of its board of directors, for cash or claims to cash, with the CIRA retaining the proceeds.
In some of its 17 chapter cities, CIRA has helped organize buying coops (Kinkead says they have been especially successful in Tucson and Phoenix) and the Washington, DC, chapter has started planning for a cooperative advertising buy.
In Florida, unit owners and/or CIRA managers are well-advised to retain public accountants instead of CPAs for their compilation work.
While no final decisions have been made on the recommended guidelines, it is expected that the AICPA will make some recommendations concerning how its members should handle CIRA financial reporting.
The CIRA claimed responsibility for the murder of Mr Carroll and his widow Kate told how she was left "dismayed" and "horrified" at images of the display.
Two CIRA suspects appeared in court yesterday following the security force raid.
Untangling the web of acronyms, like APB, SFAS, FASB, GASB, CIRA, HUD and A-133; or
The CIRA is a splinter republican group which has bombed several times before, twice in Co Fermanagh, and all at tense periods in the peace process.
Auditors should tailor their inquiries to the approach followed by the CIRA in developing the required supplementary information.
A CIRA is an association of persons who own condominiums or another kind of housing with common property--property that all the owners hold in common.
maid service , environmental hygiene , hazardous waste disposal and porterage , managed in an integrated and coordinated way , aimed at improving the environmental conditions and d ~ hygiene CIRA local.
The man is one of several parents who have discovered that their children are being asked to get on board with the CIRA in the area.
Yesterday, sources close to Republican Sinn Fein, which denies being the CIRA's political wing, said the Real IRA's ceasefire would have little impact on CIRA strategy.