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the United Kingdom's central unit for the tasking and coordination and funding of intelligence and security agencies

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The conversion of the existing models and storage mechanisms to CIM compliant solutions is a tremendous undertaking.
CIM is the information model whose goal is to provide common semantics across network management tools.
To truly use CIM effectively, companies must treat data as a product with enormous benefit or consequence for end users.
For example, other makes of power meters or control hardware could be integrated to use the CIM system, the company said.
"CIM greatly assists this process by giving a hands-on, real-world look-and-feel to the exercises.
Ernst & Young's report was the first step in CIM's ongoing certification process.
SEMATECH initiated the CIM Framework project in 1991 anticipating the following future manufacturing needs:
* The reasons that caused the decision to invest in CIM. The firms provided information about their expectations associated with the investment in CIM technologies and what procedures they applied for implementation.
Table I Ranking of CIM benefits Benefits % Lower costs 53.9 Quality improvements 50.0 Production control 44.6 Responsiveness to the market 41.0 Flexibility 37.4 Reduced inventories 37.1 Small lot manufacturing 25.9 Source: Sheridan (1989)
companies rely on the implementation of CIM technologies to regain or maintain competitive advantage (Doll and Vonderembske, 1987), a significant proportion have failed to realize the anticipated benefits (De Meyer, 1990).
Curran Investment Management (CIM) has announced it has been recognized for investment performance as a large cap core manager, the company said.
The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world's leading professional body for marketing, has appointed Onalie Dissanayake to head up CIM in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
15 January 2019 - Seattle, US-based CIM Group has acquired the 15-story, 335,000-square-foot Dexter Horton Building, located in the central business district of Seattle, US, the company said.
AE will invest $200,000 in cash and equipment to fund the creation of the Advanced Energy Electronics Lab at the CIM. The 27,000-square-foot CIM facility will offer students a state-of-the-art lab and classroom facilities to enhance their learning experience, allowing them to gain a hands-on career understanding prior to entering the workforce full-time.
figure By COLLINS NABISWAbr Mauritius-based Cim Financial Services Ltd.