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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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Our question is simple: how do courts apply the dictates regarding the requirements for finding that a norm has evolved into CIL? What we know from the commentary and plain logic is that courts do often look at the past practices of states to determine the first prong of the traditional definition of CIL--evidence of past practices.
"In addition, the allocation of CIL is relatively complex: Shropshire Council is the only CIL charging authority that splits CIL into local and strategic, as all others have a single pot.
The data on how much Green Shoe option (additional bids) in CIL OFS will be exercised by the government will be available later in the day.
This strategy aims to increase the throughput and recovery of the CIL and gravity circuits to bring additional value to the processing plant.
The CIL and railways strengthened their synergic efforts to overcome the crisis faced by thermal power plants from the month of July 2017, since they were called upon to meet the deficit in the generation of power by hydro, nuclear and solar power generators.
The transformed shipping container is a "pop-up" inspiration hub showcasing four vignettes that represent common areas in the home and feature new CIL paint colors used on the walls.
CIL plans to have lectures on a variety of topics related to Oman once a month and will be inviting top experts to deliver presentations.
State electricity distribution companies, which buy electricity from power PSUs like DVC, owe significant outstanding dues to power firms as discoms are facing tough financial conditions, a CIL official said.
Under the CIL, these could have generated between PS1,232,225 at PS25 per sqm, and PS9,857,800 at PS200 per sqm.
THE Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new levy designed to enable local authorities to raise funds from developers undertaking large-scale projects in their area to pay for supporting infrastructure works.
DIAL, Inc., the oldest CIL in New Jersey, does some of its awareness work through Job Fairs reaching out to potential employers.
Drawing on his doctorate in education as well as his experience as chief learning officer at Goldman Sachs, Wingard offers keen insights and practical advice about how to better align organizational learning with corporate strategy via his Continuous Integration of Learning and Strategy (CILS) model.
CILS has developed high-performance "sign and seal" durable laboratory labels for situations where users do not have the ability to print labels using a thermal transfer or laser printer.