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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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But Martin Yardley, the council's director of place, said applications to the fund often resulted in other finance being sourced at better rates as the CIF application was able to operate as a "back stop".
Every CIF in which an ERISA plan invests is subject to ERISA regulation.
Under a CIF contract, the vendor performs his obligations by tendering the documents to the purchaser.
CIF should verify the Soldier's clothing record (DA Form 3645) to validate the discrepancy.
But tumors in the animals administered CIF via liposomes were small and shrinking by the end of the treatment.
As the official sporting goods retailer of the CIF, Sports Authority is stocking a large variety of BBCOR-certified products beginning at $39.
Cameroon: Through its submitted NDC, committed to a target reduction by 2035 of 32% GHG emissions conditional on financial support; preparing a CIF Forest Investment Program (FIP) IP; CIF-related sectors under its NDC include agriculture, forests, and energy.
They decide who goes to CIF, and they structure how their league champion is determined.
According to HSH Nordbank, "The financing was made available to the SL Green / CIF joint venture as a result of the overall structure of the transaction which was secured by a great asset, in a great location, and owned by a great borrower.
SL Green also announced today that it has agreed to recapitalize 521 Fifth Avenue with CIF, which will acquire a 49.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released Financing Change: the AfDB and CIF for a Climate-Smart Africa, its 2015 Annual Report for its Climate Investment Funds (CIF) portfolio.
6 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF), has launched a new Growing Green series to expand stakeholder and public knowledge about its CIF partnership in Africa.
The competition that served as the CIF qualifying meet featured a possible regulation violation, coaches screaming at one another, three season-ending injuries and host Crespi of Encino winning its fifth straight league title.
CIF also granted SL Green an option to purchase CIF's remaining equity interest.
The 'A+' rating is supported by the pledge of a first lien on the CIF and continued enrollment growth.