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The CIDR implants were removed the next day (day 9), and both groups were observed for estrus behavior for 1 hour, twice daily, for 7 days.
I can't prove that the CIDR plugs led to my harvest of two bucks, but I know what I saw.
While the full $3.2 million for CIDR may not be a sure thing, the base amount for PROACT will very likely be appropriated.
It comes standard with Web-based GUI and full support for SNMP configuration and management, and for TCP, UDP, FTP, Telnet, NAT, and DHCP forwarding RIP, RIP II, CIDR, and PPPoE.
The IETF took action to overcome these restrictions and in 1995 implemented the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) system.
The state government assured that Aadhaar data, including the demographics and the biometrics of the citizens, is stored only in the 'Central Identity Repository (CIDR)' of UIDAI in a secured manner."
Application of one injection of prostaglandin F2a in the five-day Co-Synch + CIDR protocol for estrous synchronization and resynchronization of dairy heifers.
Estrus synchronization is carried out in the herd with a progesterone-releasing intra-vaginal device (CIDR).
While Aadhaar Authentication API had the technical provision of sending photo of the face, this option is currently not enabled within CIDR," a UIDAI circular said.
Deshpande et al., "TelegraphCQ: continuous dataflow processing for an uncertain world," in Proceedings of the 1st Biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR '03), Asilomar, Calif, USA, January 2003.