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Therefore, the objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of CIDR with or without GnRH and double PGF2[alpha] based estrus synchronization protocols on the estrus response and pregnancy per AI in non-descript cows during the low and peak breeding seasons.
Effects of prostaglandin F2a administration at CIDR insertion on artificial insemination pregnancy rates in beef heifers.
We extracted recorded events of VE and VM from CIDR.
El 99% de estros observado en ambos experimentos confirma la efectividad del CIDR impregnado de progesterona para sincronizar la ocurrencia de estros en ovejas Pelibuey.
Tanto la esponja intravaginal como el CIDR han sido utilizado como un proceso de induccion de estro.
To reduce the cost of using CIDR for estrus synchronization, this study evaluated the effectiveness of using the same CIDR up to three consecutive times in the reproductive performance of dairy goats raised in the semi-arid zone of northeastern Brazil.
Las muestras fueron realizadas en varios momentos, al insertar el CIDR (C1), al momento de retirar el CIDR (C2), al momento del estro (C3) y el dia 21 postmonta (C4).
It includes chapters on routing and packet forwarding, static routing, dynamic routing and distance vector routing protocols, RIP, VLSM and CIDR, the routing table, EIGRP, link-state routing protocols, and OSPF.
Unlike the standard protocol using MGA, CIDR inserts are in place for 7 to 10 days, reducing the treatment time and avoiding delays in the onset of the breeding season.
The system promises to protect the citizen's privacy as the government would maintain the CIDR.
4] en respuesta a la sincronizacion con prostaglandina o CIDR + eCG (gonadotrofina corionica equina) fueron investigadas (53).
Rubianes e Menchaca (2003) avaliaram o efeito do tratamento com progestageno por um curto periodo em cabras de leite ciclicas, o protocolo consistiu na insercao de um CIDR (Controlled Internal Drugs Release) por cinco dias, [PGF.
When anovular cows were treated with a new or a 7-d used autoclaved CIDR originally containing 1,38 g of progesterone (Table 2), induction of cyclicity was increased and short-cycling was reduced in cows receiving supplemental progesterone, but these effects were not sufficient to improve proportion of cows pregnant and pregnancy loss (14).
He then told me about the CIDR (Cervical Implant Drug Release) plugs, which contain the hormone progesterone.