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a federation of North American industrial unions that merged with the American Federation of Labor in 1955

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Nonetheless, and regardless of the financial instabilities CIAR went through at the beginning, it was clearly of the utmost importance for all CIAR's Visual Arts' directors to display a significant pre-Columbian or Colonial show at least once a year.
Another successful exhibit was El Dorado: The Gold of Ancient Colombia, a show of pre-Hispanic gold pieces from El Museo del Oro in Bogota that remained at CIAR for two months during May and June of 1974, and then circulated through ten museums in the U.
There was a consistent representation of the pre-Hispanic tradition of Latin American art at CIAR not only through the specific pre-Columbian exhibitions, but also through its Contemporary shows, even if elaborated through the personal artist's vocabulary.
CIAR contacted scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) who had previously worked with CIAR on SHS research for a cost estimate to overcome these obstacles (Green 1997b; OSHA 1995, 11618-11619).
ORNL, and CIAR to continue discussion of the study (Ogden 1993).
It is a tremendous disservice to the public, the scientific community and the media that the tobacco industry's funding of the new study and the involvement of CIAR were disclosed only in the fine print at the end of the study.
El CIAR senala que "el aumento del precio de los alimentos, la preocupacion por el cambio climatico mundial, la crisis energetica y el nuevo interes en el potencial de los biocombustibles ha dado paso a una era de retos y oportunidades para la gestion de la agricultura y los recursos naturales".
CIAR is awarding the prize on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated at a special event in Victoria, BC from June 14-17, 2002.
none of whom have had any previous affiliation with CIAR.
Tenders are invited for Constn of HL Bridge over CIAR CUT on Gaindol-Nalihana road in the district of Puri under Biju Setu Yojana
CIAR was created in 1982 to provide top researchers from Canada and around the world with a network to build intellectual bridges and form partnerships beyond their own institutions and regions.