charge d'affaires

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the official temporarily in charge of a diplomatic mission in the absence of the ambassador

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The Infusion Nurses Society recently released guidelines recommending the use of CHG dressings.
CHG is a fast-acting and persistent antiseptic, so it not only kills bacteria on the skin but also continues to work for hours after application.
CHG is used as a preoperative skin cleanser, surgical wound infection control and hand wash for health care providers.
For example, CHG offers a health clinic and gym on site.
The CDC [Centers for disease Control and Prevention] recommends that hand-washing with an antiseptic soap containing CHG is the most important step in preventing infection, because CHG has broad antimicrobial efficacy and it kills significant amounts of illness-causing bacteria," the spokesperson points out.
Widespread time card fraud at CHG was not limited to overtime abuse and had occurred for many years, in some instances even pre-dating the Tank Farms Contact," the DOJ said.
In vitro test data also show that the BeneHold CHG Transparent Film Dressing demonstrates a significant reduction in bacteria and yeast from day one through day seven.
Under the terms of the agreement, CHG Healthcare's management will keep a significant interest in the company.
Country: USASector: Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: CHG Healthcare Services Inc Buyer: Ares Management LLC , Leonard Green & Partners LPVendor: JW Childs Associates LPType: LBOStatus: Agreed
Prior to joining CHG, Kennedy was the business unit controller for Alcan Rolled Products Division, a Rio Tinto Company.
For further information, or to obtain a copy of the 2009 Guidelines and Application Form, visit the CHG website www.
CHG is the exclusive advisor for the following Caribbean transactions:
Total beer VALUE ([pounds VALUE ([pounds sterling] K) sterling] K) % CHG 13.
John Slatcher, managing director of Shearings, said: "This will be a transforming step for both Shearings and CHG and we believe this merger presents an exciting opportunity for employees, customers, partners and shareholders.
Coach Holiday Group (CHG), which owns Wallace Arnold, and Shearings are to merge to form one of Europe's largest coach holiday companies, CHG shareholder 3i said.