congestive heart failure

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inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the tissues

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They said also that confirmation of the link between gut pathogenic bacteria and CHF severity suggests that "personalized therapeutic strategies" that target the microbial pathway might be needed.
The CHF funds will help to support and build the capacity of national partners to promote an effective humanitarian response, especially for those organizations working in challenging and remote areas.
Current therapies focuses only to slow down the progression of the disease as more number of molecules are symptom relieving drugs, hence it provides a tremendous opportunity for upcoming therapies specific to CHF such as gene-based, stem cell-based and miRNA-based therapies, which reverses disease course and reduce the number of cardiac events.
In addition to providing CHF to other central banks via swap facilities, the SNB allows foreign banks to directly participate in its repo transactions.
Paradoxically, vitamin B12 concentrations increased with worsening functional and laboratory measures of CHF, while weak associations were also found for increases of vitamin B12 concentrations and worsening clinical classification of heart failure.
In this article, the role of plasma B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) levels in the diagnosis of CHF is examined.
The CHF offices were outfitted with modular furniture units that can move and expand as the company grows.
Each increase of 5 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure conferred a 13%-25% increased risk for CHF.
Consider stopping TZDs for patients developing edema or CHF
They found that erythropoietin levels correlated with CHF severity.
Medicare HEDIS[R] has targeted improved management of hypertension and diabetes, as well as smoking cessation, all important risk factors for IHD and CHF.
She is a board member of CHF (Citizens for Healthcare Freedom), dedicated to health improvement and networking with communities for holistic health care and social evolution.
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is one of the leading causes of death in the United States: nearly 5 million people suffer from the most common forms of heart failure (idiopathic and ischemic), and about half of CHF patients die within five years.
He also serves as secretary of the CHF board of directors.
Recent studies have shown that prescribers do not take either CrCl or CHF into account when using metformin.