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the corporate executive having financial authority to make appropriations and authorize expenditures for a firm

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The results also seem to confirm that the CFO is treating IT investment strategically rather than tactically.
Successful chief financial officers (CFOs) are likely to be those that are able to adapt quickly to their expanded role and understand the strategic implication of their companies for embracing new technologies, according to a recent survey.
This kind of environment separates the best CFO from the crop.
We can dismiss a recession this year, according to the chief financial officers (CFOs) in some of the largest corporations in the United States and Canada.
The studies, one for insurance and one for banking, found that the CFOs mattered, in part, because they manage the money.
With proven financial and business experience, Robinson helps The CFO Connection expand its presence in New England.
Thomas Hess, senior vice president and CFO of Genomind Inc.
The annual search, which is enticing local or foreign-owned and privately held or publicly listed companies operating in the Philippines to nominate their CFO until Aug.
In comparison to last year's CFO Survey results, the CFOs' near-term, medium-term and long-term priorities are almost same in terms of profitable growth.
Muhammad Faisal Siddiqui CFO: Nadeem Akhtar###2016###(Restated)###2015
The purpose of the website's design update was to alleviate the stress of business owners when they research CFO service solutions.
Caption: Alan Galmes, CFO and Vice President, Bunge Latin America; Susan Segal, President and CEO, Americas Society/Council of the America; Moises Vidal, Director of Treasury Sales, Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Increasingly, CFOs are seen as strategists and catalysts (Debra Hazel, "The CFO's Expanding Role," Chain Store Age, July 1, 2014, expanding-role-cfo).
Gena Wingfield, CFO of Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, and Bob Roberts, CFO at Baptist Health in Little Rock, were honored with lifetime achievement awards at the Arkansas Business CFO of the Year luncheon on Wednesday.