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The Section 163(j) limitation will apply to any CFC that has at least one U.S.
1.951A-6: Treatment of GILTI inclusion amount and adjustments to E&P and basis related to tested loss CFCs
These CFCs earned 23.3 percent of the E&P (less deficit) before income taxes for all corporate-owned CFCs.
When the branch is deemed as a manufacturing branch, the branch is treated as a subsidiary of the CFC in which the CFC is performing selling activities on behalf of the manufacturing branch.
The conversion was beneficial for Quimobasicos because demand for CFCs was waning as appliance manufacturers switched to more environmentally friendly products.
The police said the two sold at least 100,000 cans of CFCs to automobile maintenance shops through intermediary agents since March and made a profit of some 300 million yen.
"We did the easy thing: We got rid of the CFCs. But when you try to get people to talk about methyl bromide and ozone depletion, about global warming and ozone depletion, it's like pulling teeth."
Keeping with the Montreal Protocol, the aim is to halt CFC production in India within the next 10 years, the release said.
Black market profiteers exploit a gray area in the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty that has restricted the trade of CFCs since 1990 and has banned production in industrial countries since 1996 - except for a small volume produced for export to developing countries or for "essential uses" such as asthma inhalers in industrial countries.
There has been rapid progress made in reducing the use of CFCs in the industrialized countries.
The illicit CFCs are used in repairs of existing appliances and automobiles.
When DuPont and each of the major manufacturers of CFCs officially stopped producing these ozone-depleting refrigerants on December 31, 1995, a "greener" world became a reality for building owners and managers nationwide.
As she told her radio audience: "The whole idea of CFCs destroying ozone is not based on any scientific evidence.
Damage to the ozone layer in the stratosphere may begin to abate as early as the turn of the century, thanks to concerted efforts by the refrigeration and other industries as well as world governments to halt the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
of Brazil reports on neutron activation analysis as a quick, non-destructive method for determining content of CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs in rigid foams either in the gaseous phase or dissolved in the foam cell walls.