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Cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene effect on CETP activity and plasma high-density lipoprotein in European populations.
CETP concentration was measured at PPD (Richmond, VA) by ELISA assay.
8) In this study, colesevelam HCl did not increase the HDL-C concentration, but the enhancement of the expression of apo A1, LCAT, and, possibly, ABCA1 may have been offset by an increase in CETP gene expression, which would tend to lower the HDL-C concentration.
SNP rs5880 results in the substitution of proline for the normally-occurring alanine at position 373 (A373P) in the processed CETP protein.
Over the next four years, those endowed with two copies of the variant were only one-third as likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer's disease as were those who carried the standard CETP gone.
Five years ago, torcetrapib, the first CETP inhibitor drug to enter advanced clinical testing, crashed and burned in a phase III trial when it significantly boosted patient morbidity and mortality despite raising HDL cholesterol by 72% and cutting LDL levels by 25%, possibly because it also boosted systolic blood pressure by an average of about 5 mm Hg (N.
These findings point the way to the design of safer, more effective next generation CETP inhibitors that could help prevent the development of heart disease.
Discovered and developed by Pfizer, torcetrapib works by blocking CETP (cholesterol ester transfer protein) which is a protein that regulates cholesterol and is responsible for transferring cholesterol from its "good" HDL carrier to LDL, the "bad" carrier of cholesterol that results in plaque buildup in the arteries.
ApoAI induces the externalization of intracellular cholesterol from macrophages; LCAT esterifies externalized cholesterol, which is then partitioned into the hydrophobic core of the HDL particle; CETP catalyzes the equimolar exchange of cholesterol ester for triglyceride in VLDL and LDL in a process referred to as "indirect reverse cholesterol transport'; and SRBI mediates the selective uptake of cholesterol esters from HDL and allows the delipidated HDL to dislodge, reenter the circulation, and reinitiate another cycle of RCT.
This study provides important information to support CETP inhibition with
What's more, the old people and their children are more likely than others to carry a variant form of a gene called CETP.
AVANT also announced the signing of an agreement with The Immune Response Corporation (Carlsbad, CA) for the acquisition of a portfolio of granted and pending patents covering products or methods for stimulating an immune response against CETP.