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Synonyms for Ce

a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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The allowance is claimed in arrears for the CET cycle, which runs each calendar year.
The post ECB instructs Hellenic to maintain CET 1 capital ratio of 11.
These meetings include Customs Directors General of ECOWAS aimed at developing a road roadmap for its implementation, as well as that of Customs IT experts who work on how to integrate CET in national computer systems.
CET is already providing services on the Ku-Band South Africa beam of NSS-7 and has now expanded its partnership with SES, with the addition of NSS-12 East Africa beam.
Besides the German Headquarters, CET has offices in the United Kingdom, West Africa, and India, which is in the process of being relocated to Dubai for customers in the Middle East and East Africa.
Criticizing the steps taken by the CM to stop the implementation of the CET, Jaylalithaa charged that the Chief Minister had spoiled the chances of the poor and rural students aspiring to pursue medical education.
51 by 09:35 CET and the R-series shares in Stora Enso had risen 2.
Denmark's airspace was closed for traffic at 18:00 CET last Thursday after a volcano eruption in Iceland sent huge amounts of ash into the atmosphere, which disrupted air traffic across northern and western Europe.
And each CET receives its training set of five HMMWVs equipped with the most current training enablers--all assembled and maintained by the brigade's 553d Combat Service Support Battalion.
The CET differs little from the average for England and Wales.
Saturday: 20h30 CET -- before Jay Leno show Sunday: 20h30 CET -- before Jay Leno show Tuesday: 24h00 CET Thursday: 24h00 CET Saturday: 7h00 CET
CET, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving Israel's educational system, hopes that Nortel's products will help reduce its network operating costs through a more efficient communications infrastructure.
CET noted it is keeping several of the GEMs for its own use for deliveries and local travel.
This increase in the CET has been introduced to offer protection to locally manufactured goods:
which is renovating the site known as Porta Bella, said concerns with management of Colorado-based CET Environmental Services Inc.