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Synonyms for Ce

a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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Clearly, CET has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a Chicano barrio in San Jose, California.
And each CET receives its training set of five HMMWVs equipped with the most current training enablers--all assembled and maintained by the brigade's 553d Combat Service Support Battalion.
However, Wayne Souza, general counsel for RFI, said CET's claims of payment problems were ``misleading,'' and that the project was moving ahead with most of the project team from CET now part of a newly formed company.
Ken Armstrong, the CEO of CET Teleport said "This new service will perfectly complement our existing coverage of Africa.
Gila Ben-Har , the CEO of CET, commented, "While Israel has acquired a reputation as a global high tech superpower, it is necessary to invest in education to close the gap between our technological capabilities and their implementation in the education.
The authority updates its forecast for Denmark's airspace three times a day -- at 09:00 CET, 15:00 CET and 21:00 CET.
Three years later, CET filed for bankruptcy protection, he said.
CET lecture, When to worry about double vision and squint (simonraw44@hotmail.
Total quantity or scope: Part 1 General purpose of the sale of electricity 01/01/2016 1200 CET - 12.
The array of learning materials CET brings to us from Israel is endless, and its Kotar online platform provides that content in an immediate, easy to access format.
A new product, which probably comes under the CET heading, is MasteryPoint, developed by Applied Learning Systems, Inc.
Elekta's year-end report for 2010/11 will be published on June 9, at 07:30 CET and Elekta will also arrange a Capital Markets Day the same day from 09.
Dans le cadre des efforts visant a beneficier des energies renouvelables, economiques et respectueuses de l'environnement, les equipements de la station fonctionneront a l'energie solaire, comme c'est le cas du CET de Bamendil, dans la commune d'Ouargla, a indique le responsable.
Myth busting in laser eye surgery CET seminar (info@focusclinics.
This expansion is a significant milestone for CET and Nashville's growing life sciences community," said A.