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an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning

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The sale will also aid the efforts of Carbon Dubai in reducing the greenhouse gas emission footprint, and augment Dubai's green economy ambition, as it reflects the growing demand for CERs in a diligent pursuit of sustainable development.
CER had a profound impact on New Zealand because it was the first step towards the liberalisation of what had become a fortress economy marked by absurd import licensing, high tariffs and even agricultural subsidies.
Why did the NBs accept subpar CER submissions in the past?
So despite NBs passing their CER, manufacturers can't rest on their laurels and think they are in the clear.
CER has its foundations in corporate social responsibility, which advocates ethics, morality and social acceptance.
However, the work of PCORI and other entities in key areas has translated into some notable shifts in perceptions among stakeholders, suggesting that the work being done in the CER field is being closely watched by those most likely to be impacted.
According to ARRIS, the E6000 CER provides a high-availability, high-performance solution with unmatched scalability.
CER chairman Dermot Nolan said: "Growing customer debt is one of the biggest issues facing the energy industry.
The new governmental push for CER responds to increasing concerns that physicians often make clinical decisions without a solid foundation of credible medical evidence, particularly evidence as to how treatments compare to each other.
And in the couple of years leading up to the passage of the healthcare reform legislation, despite the fight that broke out, a number of folks on Capitol Hill realized that it would be a good thing to expend funding on CER.
1 -- The New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI) released an issue brief, "From Evidence to Practice: Making CER Findings Work for Providers and Patients," that details the hurdles and policy choices to effective dissemination of comparative effectiveness research (CER) findings.
Each CER represents a tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent and are credited annually.
Also, sales of Kineret increased by 12% in CER and by 1% in SEK, while sales of Orfadin increased by 21% in CER and by 9% in SEK.
CER is research that takes different health care procedures used to prevent, diagnose, or treat the same condition and compares them head-to-head to figure out which is most effective--which can help health care providers and patients make better decisions when they have to choose between different options.
AcademyHealth provides CER resources such as publications, training, and presentations (www.