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an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning

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In the first half of 2014, consumables and related revenues rose 5% CER and provided 89% of sales.
Of this amount, Blue Sphere expects to net 855,000 CERs.
At the same time, the E6000 CER provides Comporium an unprecedented 1,000+ downstream channel capacity per chassis, significantly decreasing the cost per channel.
The E6000 CER enables smaller operators to benefit from increased network capacity and efficiency in the same way that that it empowers larger providers," said Rickey Luke Ph.
CER can be a valuable asset to physicians and patients by enabling them to consider available scientific evidence, along with the individual patient's unique needs and preferences, in providing the best care for each patient.
The survey also asked respondents about the health care decision-making environment, considering factors that could impact the quality of CER and its usefulness in making treatment and coverage decisions:
PIPC was supportive of the inclusion of the Patient Centered Outcomes and Research Institute (PCORI) in the bill, which will set CER priorities, fund independent research, establish research methods, and communicate results to the public in a clear and understandable manner.
Change In $ millions, except per share information Q3 2014 Q3 2013 $ CER Net sales, adjusted 336.
The just-published special issue offers a variety of perspectives on many CER topics, including:
We chose the ARRIS E6000 CER not only for its current technical capabilities and feature set, but also because it is a highly flexible platform," said Roman Kowalski, Network Planning and Development Director, Netia.
We urge HHS to work through the PCORI, whose Board of Governors will include multiple representatives from HHS, in developing a CER Inventory," PIPC said.
The deployment of the ARRIS E6000 CER is a pivotal point for Izukyu Cable to aggressively enhance high speed internet services as well as telecommunication services and move to DOCSIS 3.
The 2007 amendment to the European Union's Medical Device Directive (MDD) resulted in every medical device sold into Europe requiring an up-to-date CER as part of its technical file.
Q3 2015: Adjusted net sales $315 million (+2% CER, -7% reported); adjusted operating income $78 million; adjusted EPS $0.
The ARRIS E6000 CER will enable Telstra to offer its HFC customers the speeds and bandwidth they demand today and into tomorrow.