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an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning

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* Total HIV sales [pounds sterling]4.7 billion, +9% AER, +11 % CER. Dolutegravir-based regimens [pounds sterling]4.4 billion, +14% AER, +16% CER
* Shingrix sales [pounds sterling]784 million, +>100% AER, +>100% CER
* Adjusted R&D [pounds sterling]868 million, -18% AER, -15% CER reflecting benefits of prioritisation, comparison with utilisation of Priority Review Voucher in Q2 2017 and phasing of new investments
* Adjusted EPS growth +3% AER, +10% CER driven by operating leverage, continued financial efficiencies and reduction in minorities following completion of Consumer Healthcare buyout on 1 June 2018
Also, the company raised its 2019 outlook this solid financial performance in H1 2019 has enabled it to raise its outlook for the full-year 2019 and now expects sales growth to be 4% to 6% at CER, as compared with the prior outlook of 2% to 5% at CER, while operating profit growth is now expected to be 4% to 6% at CER, as compared with the prior outlook of 2% to 6% at CER.
IOG is pleased to announce that it has entered into binding agreements to farm out 50 per cent of its SNS Assets (excluding Harvey) to CER. IOG will be paid initial cash consideration of GBP40 million on completion of the Farm-out.
IOG will pay CER a royalty of 20.2% of its net revenues from the Phase 1 fields only (i.e.
- Full-Year 2018 business EPS of EUR5.47 up 5.1% at CER and IFRS EPS of EUR3.45 (down 48.5%).
- Sanofi expects 2019 business EPS to grow between 3% and 5% at CER, barring unforeseen major adverse events.
A State of the Art section must be added to the CER. This is typically done via a separate literature search for alternative treatments and other devices available for the intended use.
Other typical gaps that must be addressed, and usually require less effort: Summarizing complaints, MDRs, and recalls; stating qualifications of those involved in the CER, particularly the evaluator; including the evaluator's CV and having a Declaration of Interest on file; and stating when the CER will be updated next.
This inaugural sale of locally issued CERs contributes to the growth of green projects, and is a breakthrough in Dubai Carbon's efforts as a green economy enabler.
CER had a profound impact on New Zealand because it was the first step towards the liberalisation of what had become a fortress economy marked by absurd import licensing, high tariffs and even agricultural subsidies.
The rollout extends ARRIS's and LG U+'s partnership to deliver advanced broadband and video services in South Korea, following an initial deployment of E6000 CERs in major cosmopolitan areas last year.
A partir de entao, todas as CERs passariam a ser reenquadradas como permissionarias (tendo o mesmo status de concessionarias) ou como autorizadas de uso exclusivo (para as pequenas cooperativas que nao atendessem aos indices de qualidade).