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an edible and choice fungus

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At CARACAL'S meeting on November 15, 2017, the RAC opinion was on the agenda along with a formal paper developed by CEPE, the European coatings association, and cosigned by 14 other European end-user associations.
William Plotnikov, a 21-year-old Canadian citizen and native of Russia who converted to Islam, was detained by the FSB -- the successor to the KGB -- following a tip from the CEPE that Plotnikov had ties to insurgents in Dagestan.
According to CEPE officials, each year approximately 100 trained graduates enter a job market with an estimated 225 positions to fill.
CEPE Annual Meeting and General Assembly, Prague, Czeck Republic
He succeeds Jacques Warnon, who retired from CEPE by year end.
CEPE supports VOC reduction and advocates a harmonised EU Directive to avoid competitive distortions within Europe.
CEFIC, the European trade association for chemical producers, and CEPE, the European trade body for coatings manufacturers, are working together on the communication of exposure scenarios.
For years, the European ink industry has been a part of CEPE, but the organization also encompasses the paint industry, a much larger industry.
GLOBALISATION and its effects on the European Coatings industry were among the key subjects of the annual press conference of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists Colours Industry CEPE also highlighted the consequences of rising raw material prices for European paint and printing ink manufacturers.
ACA continues to serve as Secretariat for IPPIC, whose membership includes paint and printing ink trade associations from Europe (through the CEPE organization and directly from the United Kingdom, France, and Germany), Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, China, South Africa, and India.
the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) fulfills that role, while in Europe, printing ink companies have long worked with CEPE.
Oct 5-7: CEPE - Annual Conference & General Assembly 201 I, Dublin, Ireland.
In addition, he is a member of the POG committee in CEPE (European Council of the Paint and Printing Ink Industry).
They may no longer be provided to printing ink and paint manufacturers because no one is prepared to pay for the cost of testing them, CEPE says.
Tenders are invited for CEPE Integrated Marketing Program.