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a specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape

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research and innovation projects with direct or indirect participation of CEN and CENELEC
On 29 June, CEN Biotech filed an 8k in which it terminated the forward triangular merger agreement dated as of 11 April 2017 (with Eastern Starr Biotech, Inc.
CEN has also been pursuing an entry into the hemp production industry.
La premiere reunion de la Commission a examine un certain nombre de questions et de taches directement liees aux travaux de la Commission au cours de la phase suivante ", a declare Dr Safwat Fanous, membre de la CEN.
Chairman of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee Birzhan Kaneshev expressed confidence that cooperation with CEN and CENELEC will help the EU and Kazakhstan harmonize legislation in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization.
Last November, when Ortega first aired his plans for a constitutional makeover, the CEN accused the president of seeking "absolute power" (NotiCen, Dec.
The CEN WS-LT will work with other international standard bodies to achieve a global consensus about educational requirements for digital textbooks.
Drew Morgart, NAVSUP LOG OPS CEN Operations Officer.
Nonwovens and textiles coated with VINNOL CEN 2752 have a high chemical resistance and can be heat sealed or high-frequency welded.
The main work of phase 3 of the CEN workshop was to update the reports of the eight phase 1 groups and to create three new reports (which for the first time include consideration of reliability).
By providing a single location for the exchange of information, the CEN helps organizations boost efficiency and effectiveness of compliance efforts, reduce risks and minimize costs.
He said he was personally satisfied with the turnout of visitors, who were serious to pursue higher studies, and wanted to know the various programs and facilities that CEN offered.
Meanwhile, the European Standards Committee (CEN) Workshop to develop an agreement on Anticounterfeiting: Protocols for the Detection of Counterfeits (also see HN Vol 22, No 2) had also intended to propose a version of its CEN Workshop Agreement to ISO, and became concerned that AFNOR was presenting its proposal to a TC composed of experts on industrial automation, on the grounds that this is not an appropriate group to consider anti-counterfeiting issues.
Asi lo senalan desde el presidente del CEN, Manuel Espino, hasta varios de los que participaron en la eleccion.
Other differing national systems within Europe, such as those in place in Scandinavia, Germany and France (which are closer to the CEN proposals) would also be scrapped, as would Ireland's system--which is close to the British set-up.