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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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India is one of the fastest growing areas of the world, and CDSL is a major part of the securities infrastructure in the country," said Donald F.
CDSL 65--Foronda 29, Baylen 9, Gabriel 8, Suba 6, David 4, Collantes 4, Duran 3, Magat 2, Ortillano 0, Billiones 0, Yambao 0.
On Tuesday, the board of directors approved the entry into micro-financing, revival of the commercial vehicle financing division and depository participant license from CDSL.
in the women's division, to be followed by the men's match between CSB and CDSL.
CDSL are again mounting a vigil outside the Wales National Ice Rink before tomorrow's match against Paisley.
Rockwell -- the world's leading modem chipset supplier, with more than 70 percent of the total modem marketplace and shipments totaling nearly 200 million units to date -- will market CDSL modems through normal retail channels.
This is an area where investors get raked on their returns because there is a thing called CDSL that is attached to Back End Loaded fees.
We call on all supporters to continue the exemplary behaviour which has been a feature of all demonstrations and vigils, " said Paul Sullivan, a member of CDSL and Friends of Cardiff Devils.
After leaving IBM, he held a number of executive level positions with CDSL Canada, Ltd.
Following its April 1997 merger with CDSL Holdings, CGI gained a solid foothold in the retail banking systems and electronic commerce and switching services industry.