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What it soon finds is a DNS server maintained by the CDN which does a little more than the usual DNS operation: it figures out where the local DNS server, originally queried by the browser, is geographically and returns the address of one of the CDN's network of cache servers that is closest to that DNS server and thus likely closest to the browser.
CDN discovery via DNS takes time, and the closest server may not always be the best server; it may be busy or its content outdated.
OnApp CDN was announced in August 2011 and launched at the beginning of 2012.
We looked at numerous ways to bring CDN to our clients, including deploying our own infrastructure," said Aidan McCarron, Managing Director of Dediserve.
The market is worth an estimated $600 million in 2006, including direct bandwidth accounts that do not go through a CDN specialist for distribution (i.
Akamai has historically held an 8% - 10% share of video streams served via individual contracts, but is often chosen as part of multi-vendor deals with CDNs such as Limelight and Vitalstream.
CDN Technologies, a key reseller of SAVVIS Content Delivery Services in France, support, market and sell SAVVIS services in order to offer their customers the strongest alternative in a quasi monopolistic market.
This expansion is in response to a significant surge in demand for CDN services and as a major reseller in France, together we are in a strong position to make a significant impact in this market," said Robert Bismuth & William Sroussi, co-founders of CDN Technologies.
Streaming Video and CDN Distribution Share: A Market Overview 2005
CDN Delivery Share: Streaming Video Sites Networks and Aggregators 2005
Three related research projects contributed to the study including a Web-based survey that was administered via the Web site, forty four half-hour telephone interviews with IT decision-makers who manage streaming media services for their companies and a survey of CDN vendors regarding list prices and service capabilities including Akamai, Limelight Networks, Mirror Image, SAVVIS, and VitalStream.
This report tells you the two or three data points that you, as a buyer of CDN services, can give to your current or future vendor in order for them to be able to provide a baseline quote.
In addition, unlike the other major CDN players, SAVVIS also offers a private global IP network that opens new possibilities for our expanding business model.
Through this alliance program and agreement, CDN agrees to promote @Road solutions, such as the @Road Transportation and Distribution Suite, to each of its members.